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I Munkkiniemenajo

Munkkiniemenajo Grand Prix
22 September 1932
Munkkiniemenrata Circuit


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Entries and results:
No. Driver: Car: Model Engine:   Entrant: Position:
1 Uno Ranch Bugatti T38A   U. Ranch 7th
2 Per-Viktor Widengren Alfa Romeo Monza 2.3   P-V. Widengren 1st
3 Knut Gustav Sundstedt Bugatti T35B 2.3   K-G. Sundstedt 8th
4 Asser Wallenius Ford Special 3.6   A. Wallenius 3rd
5 Eugen Bjørnstad Bugatti T35C 2.0   E. Bjørnstad 4th
6 Niilo Jaakkola Reo   N. Jaakkola 5th
7 S.P.J. Keinänen Chrysler Special   S.P.J. Keinänen dnf
8 Börje Dahlin Mercedes-Benz SSK 7.1   B. Dahlin 6th
9 Johan Ramsay Chrysler Special   J. Ramsay dnf
10 Karl Ebb Mercedes-Benz SSK 7.1   K. Ebb 2nd
11 E. Vasarainen Essex   E. Vasarainen dnf
Motor Sport November 1932
The Grand Prix of Finland.

THE Swedish driver, W. Widengren, won the Grand Prix of Finland, which was held on September 26th, over the circuit of Munknas, near Helsingfors. The winner drove a 2.3 litre Alfa Romeo with a 2-seater racing body, and covered the 68 laps of the 2,200 metre course in 1h. 41m. 40 1/5s. Second came Ebb (Mercedes) and Wallenins (Ford) was third. There were 11 starters.
1. Widengren (Alfa Romeo), 1h. 41m. 40 1/5s.
2. Ebb (Mercedes-Benz), 1h. 42m. 26 1/5s.
3. Wallenins (Ford), 1h. 47m. 36 3/6s.
4. Bjornstad (Bugatti), 1h. 52m. 18s.
5. Jaakhola (Reo), 1h. 51m. 57s.
6. Dahlin (Mercedes-Benz), 1h. 56m. 14 2/5s.
7. Sundstedt (Bugatti).