Links and Credits

Websites and books used as sources of informations on the Classic Car Catalogue


Brilliant website with hundreds of brochures. Totally free!

The website that inspired me to create my catalogue.

For American cars lovers. Interesting section of dream cars. In Polish language.

Everything you want to know about Austin – Rover, Morris, Wolseley, Riley, Leyland, BMC etc.

Dream cars from all over the world. Lots of modern stuff but you can find interesting classic pearls.

Coachbuilders from all over the world and from past to present.

Everything about the most innovative French manufacturer.

Jag-lovers - the title speak for itself! Very comprehensive.

Fiat, Steyr, NSU, SEAT and other Fiat's childern from all over Europe.

The best source of American cars brochures
Italian cars in English language. Many very rare exotics are mentioned there.

A beautiful collection of Triumph brochures.

Land Rover brochures
The best collection on the net.

The Memory of the Netherlands with incredible Dutch Automotive History section.

All Ferraris by serial numbers with fantastic selection of pictures.

A very comprehensive source of infromation about Ferrari and Maserati. All cars by serial number.

The archives of Mercedes-Benz Classic are a unique treasure-trove covering almost 130 years of automobile history. With Public-M@RS (Multimedia Archive and Research System), all interested parties are able to share in the knowledge and memories of the brand and its products.


Graham Robson
A-Z British Cars 1945-1980
ISBN 0-9541063-9-3

David Culshaw & Peter Horrobin
The Complete Catalogue of British Cars 1895-1975
ISBN 1-874105-93-6

Werner Oswald
Deutsche Autos Band 2
ISBN 3-613-02170-6

Werner Oswald
Deutsche Autos Band 3
ISBN 3-613-02116-1

Werner Oswald
Deutsche Autos Band 4
ISBN 3-613-02131-5

Mike Lawrence
A to Z of Sports Cars 1945-1990
ISBN 1-870979-8

Adolf Kuba, Milan Spremo
Atlas Nasich Automobilu 1929-1936
ISBN 80-7030-049-3

A. Rummel
Polskie Konstrukcje i Licencje Motoryzacyjne w Latach 1922-1980
ISBN 83-206-0514-8

Marco Ruiz
Encyklopedia Samochody
ISBN 83-7200-238-X

International Automobile Parade Vol. II
Arthur LOGOZ, 87 Universitatstraße, Zurich 33

Kevin Brazendale
Świat Wspaniałych Samochodów
ISBN 83-7200-636-9

R.M. Clarke
TVR Gold Portfolio 1959-1900
ISBN 1-85520-0759

A.B. Demaus & J.C. Tarring
The Humber Story 1868-1932
ISBN 0-86299-596-5

Volvo 1927-1988
Volvo Car Corporation

Jim Allen
ISBN 83-88575-33-3

Dennis Adler
ISBN 83-88575-23-6

Dennis Adler
Mercedes Benz
ISBN 83-88575-16-3

Zdzisław Podbielski
Wielka Encyklopedia Wytwórni Samochodów A-D
ISBN 83-900299-6-0

General Motors
The First 75 Years of Transportation Products
ISBN 0-915038-41-2

Richard M. Langworth
Studebaker Buyer's Guide
ISBN 0-87938-490-5

Jonathan Glancey
The Car
A History of the Automobile
ISBN 978-1-84732-044-5

Heon Stevenson
Advertising British Cars of the 50's
ISBN 0-85429-898-3

Michael Allen
British Family Cars of the Early Sixties
ISBN 0-85429-643-3

Michael Allen
British Family Cars of the Fifties
ISBN 0-85429-471-6

H. G. Castle
Britain's Motor Industry

Brian Long & Tony Freeman
Pre-War Standard Cars
ISBN 1-873361-02-5

Daniel Young
Advertising Rover Volume II
ISBN 1-873078-13-7

J. Tarczyński W. Jeleń
Samochody CWS
ISBN 83-206-0996-8

Halwart Schrader
Samochody Świata - Zarys Encyklopedyczny
ISBN 83-7071-002-6

A. Jońca R. Szubański J. Tarczyński
Pojazdy Wojska Polskiego Wrzesień 1939
ISBN 83-206-0847-3

Harald H. Linz & Halwart Schrader
Wielka Encyklopedia Samochodów
ISBN 83-7071-049-2

A. Zieliński
Polskie Konstrukcje Motoryzacyjne 1947-1960
ISBN 83-206-0521-0

Griffith Borgeson
The Alfa Romeo Tradition
ISBN 0-85-429-875-4

Aleksander Marian Rostocki
Historia Starych Samochodów
WKiŁ 1981

Witold Rychter
Dzieje Samochodu
WKiŁ 1983
ISBN 83-206-0233-5

Jan A. Litwin
Zarys Historii Sportu Samochodowego
WKiŁ 1980
ISBN 83-206-0006-5

Leo Archibald
AC Two-litre Saloons & Buckland Sports cars
ISBN 1-903706-24-6

Frank Oleski H. Lehbrink
World Sports Cars

Zdzisław Podbielski
Samochody osobowe Marki i modele
Nasza Księgarnia 1976

Gregor Grant
British Sports Cars
G.T. Foulis & Co., Ltd.

Praca zbiorowa
Samochody współczesne
Wydawnictwa Komunikacyjne 1958

The Motor Year Book 1954
Temple Press Limited

The Motor Year Book 1951
Temple Press Limited

The Motor Year Book 1953
Temple Press Limited

The Motor magazines

The Autocar magazines

Motor - Polish magazine

James Taylor
The Classic Rovers 1934-1977
ISBN 0-900549-75-0

David Hodges
Lamborghini The Legend
ISBN 1-40544-335-9

Michael Bowler
Aston Martin The Legend
ISBN 1-40544-332-4

Praca zbiorowa
Samochody osobowe Opisy techniczne
Wydawnictwa Komunikacyjne 1958

Halwart Schrader
100 Automobil-Klassiker 1950-2000
ISBN 3-613-87212-9

Joachim Kuch
Autos aus Japan
ISBN 3-613-87198-X

Joachim Kuch
Typenkompaß Crysler
Personenwagen und Jeep seit 1945
ISBN 3-613-01981-7

David J. Voller
British Cars of the Late Sixties
ISBN 0-85429-563-1

David J. Voller
British Cars of the Early Sixties
ISBN 0-85429-567-4

Oyslager Organisation
David J. Voller
British Cars of the Late Fifties
ISBN 0-7232-1824-2

Oyslager Organisation
David J. Voller
British Cars of the Early Fifties
ISBN 0-7232-1822-6

Oyslager Organisation
British Cars of the Late Forties
ISBN 0-7232-1765-4

Oyslager Organisation
British Cars of the Early Forties
ISBN 0-7232-1755-6

Oyslager Organisation
British Cars of the Late Thirties
ISBN 0-7232-1712-2

Oyslager Organisation
British Cars of the Early Thirties
ISBN 0-7232-1711-4

Oyslager Organisation
American Cars of the 1930s
ISBN 0-7232-1266-X

Oyslager Organisation
Cross Country Cars from 1945
ISBN 0-7232-1823-4

Walter Zeichner
Jeep 1942-86
ISBN 0-88740-248-8

Jim Heimann
50's Cars
ISBN 3-8228-1630-2

Jim Heimann
60's Cars
ISBN 3-8228-4799-2

Jim Heimann
70's Cars
ISBN 3-8228-4800-X