Classic Car Catalogue

Wolseley 1973

1300 Mk II - discontinued (1967-73 - 27470 ex.)

Great Britain


1300 Mk II

1300 (R4 cyl, 1275 cc, 65 bhp) - dicontinued



Six (R6 cyl, 2227 cc, 110 bhp)

The electrically-lit badge of the Wolseley Six fronts a car of unusually complete specification. The transverse engine has six-cylinders and an overhead camshaft, and the interior is luxuriously upholstered in high-quality cloth. Polished wood abounds, and there is plenty of room for five large adults. Although the engine is of modest capacity, the 'Six' will top 100 m.p.h., and the smoothness of the motor is in keeping with the limousine interior. With front wheel drive and Hydrolastic all-independent suspension, the Wolseley follows the Issigonis theme.
London report