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Wolseley 1957

Great Britain

6/90 Series II (6 cyl, 2639 cm³, 90 KM)
15/50(4 cyl, 1489 cm³, 56 KM)
1500 (4 cyl, 1489 cm³, 50 KM) – new model


Oferty Wolseley'a i Riley'a różnią się tylko wystrojem nadwozi i wyposażeniem.

Wolseley 1500 Saloon is a completely new model sharing a body shell with Riley 1.5, with only the traditional radiator grille and illuminated maker's badge identifying it as a Wolseley. The neat four-door body features two-colour paintwork and distinctive body side-flashes. The use of mechanical components common to other Nuffield models play a big part in making the price extremely attractive for a car in this class-£759 incl. tax. The single carb 1489 cc B series engine is from the Morris Oxford, but with a slightly reduced compression ratio giving 50 bhp and 76 mph top speed, and the suspension system is based on that of the Morris Minor having torsion bar ifs and cart spring rear. Four speed gearbox with synchro on top three, and drum brakes. Interior with leather trim and wood veneer dash.
Wolseley Six-Ninety Series III appeared in May 1957 and replaces the Series II version, which had only been in production for about six months. The car is available only in four-door Saloon form, is distinguishable from the previous version by a wider curved rear window. It also features high-stability servo-assisted brakes and lower geared steering.
The Fifteen-Fifty is continued with minor modifications.



Wolseley 1500




Wolseley 15/50

Wolseley 15/50



Wolseley 6/90 series II

Wolseley 6/90 series II