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Wolseley 1956

Great Britain

6/90 (6 cyl, 2639 cm³, 90 KM) - modernizacja - Series II
4/44 (4 cyl, 1250 cm³, 47 KM) - ost. rok, powst. 29.845 szt.
15/50 (4 cyl, 1489 cm³, 56 KM) - nowy model

Wolseley 6/90 i 4/44

Nowy Wolseley 15/50 stanowi modernizację 4/44. Na zewnątrz zmiany są niewielkie, ale pod maską pracuje znany z bliźniaczego MG ZA silnik o pojemności 1,5 litra.

Wolseley Fifteen-Fifty Saloon replaced for the Four Forty-Four this yar. This BMC B Series four-cylinder 1½-litre-engined model features a body very similar to that of the MG Magnette, which is offered for the same price, although one is easily distinguished from the other, mainly by the traditional radiator grilles and different rear windows. The Fifteen-Fifty was introduced in June 1956.
The six-cylinder-engined Six-Ninety Saloon is continued with minor changes and is now available with overdrive. Series II gets conventional semi-elliptic leaf springs at the rear, optional auto transmission, and wood veneer dash.

Even more power has been added to the engine of 6/90 - big five-six-seater car by increasing compression ratio from 7.3 to 8.3 to 1, and the maximum gross output is now 97 b.h.p. As on the Morris Isis, the facia has been re-styled, and the gear lever has been removed from the steering column to the floor on the right of the driving seat. The standard equipment of the Wolseley 6/90 includes a windscreen washer, heater, and Rimbellishers, while automatic transmission and overdrive (both by Borg Warner) are available as optional extras. The coilspring rear suspension which previously featured on the 6/90 has been abandoned, and the Wolseley now reverts to normal semi-elliptic rear suspension. Above-average interior appointments, with leather upholstery, polished wood fittings and quality carpets, help to place this car among Britain's more luxurious cars in the medium-large class.
SIX-NINETY, SERIES II: 6-cyl, 2,639 c.c. (160.9 cu. in): O.H.V.; compression ratio, 8.3 to 1; low compression export engine, 7.2 to 1; (gross) 97 b.h.p.; low compression engine, 90 b.h.p.; Wheelbase, 9ft 5½in (288 cm); U.K. basic price £806 (total incl. P.T. £1,210 7s).

(London report)



Wolseley 6/90

Wolseley 15/50