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Willys 1962

Renault Dauphine    
Aero Willys – discontinued  
Pick-up Jeep    
Aero Willys 2600 – new model  


W tym roku brazylijski Willys wyprodukował 61 337 samochodów bijąc w ten sposób miejscowego Volkswagena.

In 1962, there were two other versions of the Jeep, the (CJ-6) M-101 2 and 4 doors, with higher load capacity (mounted on the chassis of the Rural), called "Jïpão".

Pick-up 4x4.

The all-new Aero-Willys 2600 model 1963. Aero 63 is considered to be the first car entirely designed and built in Brazil. The changes were called "Project 213", and the project conceived in 1957 by the American Brook Stevens. Pronto stylist for the presentation was named "Aero 2600". This 1957 initial project wound up also influencing fronts Rural (this also restyled by Brook Stevens), the Foreign Ministry 66 and the Charger 68. Interestingly, the first Aero 2600 used the base, the hood, the trunk lid and the doors of the old Aero-Willys. Except for the trunk lid, the other aforementioned documents were used until the end of its production in 71. In the beginning was a bold idea, then began the work and the idea was taking shape, some were not dreamers. They knew what they wanted, and came the first car designed in Brazil, to demonstrate that car also was ours. It was in 1961 that the board of Willys Overland do Brazil made ​​a decision: Aero Willys 1963 would be an entirely new car, stylish design and unprecedented line in the international catalog. Create a car was something new in Brazil, involving problems of all kinds, many of which no one imagined. The beginning of the manufacturing yield in October 1962 and his first appearance was in October 62, Paris, the world's most famous auto show. Among many international news appeared, a Brazilian-piece, 110 horsepower engine, design and new styles one "Carrao". It was the first car designed and built in Latin America. The project 213 from February 61 to July 63 absorbed 129,403 regular hours and 43,508 extra hours (the equivalent of 60 years of a man's work) was completed and would call "Aero Willys 2600". The date 1963 was important for the Willys because it commemorated 60 years since launched its first vehicle, the "Overland 1903". The Brazil then had numerous side of domestically manufactured cars with genuinely Brazilian pioneer the Aero Willys 2600 - 1963. The first pieces such as the first cars were entirely handmade.


Aero Willys




Renault Dauphine and Gordini








Rural and Pick-up Jeep








Aero Willys 2600



Nowy Willys Aero zaprezentowany jako model '63 ma by ć sprzedawany także w Europie.