Classic Car Catalogue

Wanderer 1936

1,7 Liter (W 35)
2 Liter (W 40)
2,3 Liter (W 45 / W 50)
W 25 K - new model
Spezial W 51 - new model, this year only
W 11/I


Cars registered in Germany:
Total 8086 ex.
Pod względem sprzedaży Wanderer jest drugą marką Auto Union. W Niemczech nabywców znalazło 8.086 samochodów.
Wanderer presented the W 25 K sports car, which is to be a competitor to BMW. The engine is the six-cylinder designed by Porsche. After all, they wanted to build a sporty car that not only by it looks but also by performance. Therefore, a compressor is fitted to blow extra power to the engine.

1,7 Liter

W 35 (R6 cyl, 1690 ccm, 35 PS, wb: 3000 mm) - new - end
 Limousine 4-dr
 Tourenwagen 4-seater 4-dr


2 Liter

W 40 (R6 cyl, 1950 ccm, 40 PS, wb: 3000 mm) - new
 Limousine 4-dr
 Cabriolet 4-seater
 Tourenwagen 4-seater 4-dr - end


2,3 Liter

W 45 (R6 cyl, 2257 ccm, 50 PS) - new, 55 PS from Sept
 Limousine 4-dr, 4-light (wb: 3000 mm)
 Tourenwagen (wb: 3000 mm)
W 50 (R6 cyl, 2257 ccm, 50 PS) - new, 55 PS from Sept
 Limousine 4-dr, 6-light (wb: 3000 mm)
 Cabriolet (wb: 3000 mm)
 Pullman Limousine (wb: 3150 mm)

W 45 Limousine

W 50 Cabriolet

W 50 Limousine


Spezial W 51

Spezial W 51 (R6 cyl, 2257 ccm, 55 PS; wb: 3000 mm) - new - end (based on W 50)
 Limousine 4-dr, 6-light
 Cabriolet 4-seat, 4-light


W 25 K

W 25 K (R6 cyl, kompressor, 1950 ccm, 85 PS; wb: 2650 mm) - new (146 ex.)
 Sportwagen (roadster)

Motor SportOctober 1936
The Wanderer is a high-grade German car of extremely good design and finish. The sports two-seater has a 2-litre o.h.v. six-cylinder engine with Roots supercharger, a box-section frame, four-speed synchro-mesh gearbox, inependent suspension of all four wheels, hydraulic braking and one-shot lubrication of chassis essentials. The speed is given as 90-95 m.p.h., and as the car is said to weigh under a ton, acceleration abilities should be distinctly refreshing. The price in this country is £535.

W 11 / I

W 11/I (R6 cyl, 2970 ccm)