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Volkswagen 1958

Karmann Ghia


Volkswagen ... The Honest Car
  In ten short years the Volkswagen has risen from total obscurity to become a household word on every continent, an accepted International yardstick for judging an automobile. Of all the cars exported in the world, the Volkswagen now holds undisputed first place.
The Volkswagen has an ideal sales force: some two million happy owners. No wonder the constantly increasing output at Wolfsburg never catches up with demand.
Why is it that the imagination of two million Volkswagen owner, has been fired by this amazing car?
Because it possesses a combination of performance and economy never before known in automobile design.
Because of its sensible engineering and sturdy construction.
Because it does not pretend to be anything but what it is - an honest car.
Because there has been a consistent policy unswayed by whims of fashion, holding fast what has proved itself, yet constantly improving the car and so raising it to an Internationally admirde pitch of perfection.
The plainest and most gratifying proof of this is the high resale value of a Volkswagen. Buying one is a sound and a secure investment.

Modernizacje dotyczące wersji na rynek amerykański.


Typ 11 Limousine Standard (B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS; wb: 2400 mm)
Typ 11 Limousine Export (B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS; wb: 2400 mm)
Typ 15 Cabriolet (B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS; wb: 2400 mm)

Driving pleasure begins as you step into the car, for the interior of the Volkswagen, like the outside, is both handsome and fuctional. Upholstery and door and wall fabrics harmonize subtly in color and pattern with the paint, giving you a sense of comfortable distinction. Seats and backs are softly sprung and form-fitting. The generous front seats can be individually adjusted even when the car is in motion. As they shift forward, they also rise; the backs can be adjusted to three different angles. The deep seat in the back has ample room for three, and the distance from the front seats gives them full freedom of movement. When a door is opened, the bright top light goes on automatically. The speedometer light is adjustable at will. A glance at the tasteful panel shows:
1. INDICATOR LEVER on the steering column, can be operated with one finger of the left hand.
2. Behind a tasteful grille, space to install a LOUDSPEAKER.
3. Large INSTRUMENT UNIT with speedometer, odometer warning lights, neatly spotted on the dial, for generator and cooling system (red), oil pressure (green), high beam (blue), and directional signal (double arrow).
4. Hand-fitting, comfortable TWO SPOKE STEERING WHEEL, light-coloured, with the arms of Wolfsburg castle on the horn button.
5. Fast-moving WINDSHIELD WIPERS with wide sweep and firm pressure, non-dazzling, with automatic return when shut off.
6. Space for RADIO with dial and knobs, above it to the left the pull-and-twist switch for the headlights and the fully adjustable illumination of the combined instrument unit, to the right the pull switch for the windshield wipers.
7. Handy on the driver's right the combined IGNITION AND STARTING LOCK (the ignition key is also the door key), next to this the convenient pull-out ASH TRAY and the CHOKE KNOB.
8. Extremely roomy, wide GLOVE COMPARTMENT, the lid of which drops open automatically when the button is pressed.

1. Luggage compartment under front hood
2. Steering column lever operating direction indicators
3. Pedal assembly
4. Adjustable sun visor
5. Defroster vent
6. Ventilation wings with inside catch
7. Arm-rest
8. Heater outlet
9. Sliding seat mounted on guide rails
10. Lever for adjusting backrest
11. Coat hook and assist strap
12. Hinged ash-tray
13. Luggage comartment behind rear seat
14. License-plate lamp
15. Stop-lights combined with tail-lights and reflectors



Typ 14 (B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS; wb: 2400 mm)

8 pages brochure.

The Karmann Ghia Coupé and Sports Cabriolet are outstanding achievements in automotive design and engineering. The gentle curvature of the body with its large curved windows presents a surprisingly roomy and comfortable interior - free from noises, drafts and rain leaks. Independent torsion-bar suspension of all four wheels and an anti-sway bar account for easy, controlled driving and a remarkably steady ride, even in sharp turns. The spirited Volkswagen engine can be run at full throttle for miles and more miles and still deliver unparalleled gas economy. Famous Karmann Ghia attention to detail is apparent in the custom-tailored interior and harmonizing, durable body lacquers. The Coupé and the Cabriolet each have their own wide variety of rich exterior color combinations.



Typ 22 (B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS)

W październiku nowa wersja z podwójną kabiną, większe i mocniejsze zderzaki, nowe lampy tylne.

15 pages brochure