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Volkswagen 1956

Karmann Ghia


W celu zwiększenia mocy produkcyjnych, linię montażową Transportera przeniesiono z Wolfsburga do nowych zakładów w Hannoverze.

Modernizacje dotyczące wersji na rynek amerykański.


Typ 11 Limousine Standard (B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS; wb: 2400 mm)
Typ 11 Limousine Export (B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS; wb: 2400 mm)
Typ 15 Cabriolet (B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS; wb: 2400 mm)

This is the Volkswagen that has won world fame within only a few years. Its owners claim that it is the most sensible thing on wheeIs. It is powered by what is believed to be the best designed and most reliable engine ever built within its class. Its economy will put money in your bank, for the car offers a maximum of performance for a minimum of outlay.

Both Standard and De Luxe Sedans have a remarkably fast get-away, brilliant finish, harmonious colors, comfortable seats, specially designed for effortless long-distance driving, fingertip steering and that amazing, fast little engine which will give you 38 miles per Imp. gallon (32 miles per U.S. gal.). In addition to all these and other famous Volkswagen features, the De Luxe Sedan has more chromium trimmings, even more luxurious upholstery, hydraulic brakes and a synchromesh drive.

Most critical among motorists are those who look for sports performance in a car open to wind and sun... who are hard to please, on the technical side and have their own ideas about comfort... who want a car that is different from others and will reflect their own individuality. For these connoisseurs among motorists the Convertible is the perfect choice ... a favorite with the ladies and a sheer treat for them to drive.

Just lift your hand and push the top back - there is no need to slow down, even when driving at full speed. You can adjust the roof opening as you like to suit your passengers' wishes and your own.



Typ 14 Coupé (B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS; wb: 2400 mm)



Typ 22 (1192 ccm, 30 PS)

Transportery opuszczają nową fabrykę w Hannowerze.


Zwycięstwo (Bengtson) w Rajdzie Szwedzkim.