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Volkswagen 1954

1200 - nowy model


Produkcja Volkswagena w Wolfsburgu.
Od stycznia silnik 1192 cm³, 30 KM we wszystkich modelach, jednoczęściowe okno tylne (od marca ub. roku na rynku amerykańskim).

Modernizacje dotyczące wersji na rynek amerykański.

100.000 Transporter

14 pages American brochure.


Typ 11 Limousine Standard (B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS; wb: 2400 mm) - January
Typ 11 Limousine Export (B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS; wb: 2400 mm) - January
Typ 15 Cabriolet (B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS; wb: 2400 mm) - January

This is the Volkswagen that has won world fame in a few short years. Those who own one claim that it is the most sensible thing on wheels. Its smart appearance and practical European lines charm the eye. It is powered by what people say is the best designed and most reliable engine within its class ever built. It is a car that will put money in the bank for you. It gives a maximum of performance for a minimum of outlay and is sparing of every cent spent on it.
  The vent wings in the windows pivot to give the exact amount of draftless fresh air desired.

The Standard and the De Luxe Sedans both have a handsome brilliant finish, a remarkably fast get away, comfortable seats for both driver and passengers that were specially designed for tireless long-distance driving, finger-tip steering and that astounding, fast little engine which will give you 38 miles per gallon (Imp.). In addition to all these and other famous Volkswagen features, the De Luxe Sedan has more chromium plating, richer upholstery, hydraulic brakes and ultramodern synchromesh drive.
  The built-in heater furnished as a standard accessory, at no extra cost, can also be regulated to give the exact amount of heat desired.

If the sun suddenly bursts through the clouds while you are driving and you want to drink in the sunshine, just reach up with one hand - there is no need to slow down, even if you are doing 65 m.p.h. - and flick the top back. You can adjust the opening as you see fit from a crack to all the way back. The Volkswagen is full of such practical features.

lf you drive a Volkswagen Convertible, you will always look tanned and healthy as if you just got back from a long vacation. With the top down you get full benefit of every ray of sunshine. With the top up in cold or bad weather you are just as snug and warm in your Convertible as you would be in a Sedan. You will fall in love with the Volkswagen Convertible when you see its smart appearance and graceful European lines. The Volkswagen Convertible is a favorite with the ladies.



B4 cyl, 1131 ccm, 25 PS - discontinued
B4 cyl, 1192 ccm, 30 PS - new model

Powstał 100.000 egzemplarz. Tylny zderzak na wyposażeniu seryjnym.


1st Safari   1200 Marvaha/ Preston
Entries and results:
Mille Miglia 1-2.05.1954 (FIA round 3)   Results:    
#       Entrant: gen. class    
347 1300 Porsche   Strähle / Spingler   43rd S1.5 3rd    
  Carrera Panamericana 19-23.11.54 (round 6)   Results:
#       Entrant: gen. class      
261 1200 De Luxe   de Hohenlohe / Alvarez de Hohenlohe 78th TE1.9 7th    
262 1200 De Luxe   Wyers / Wyers de Hohenlohe 80th TE1.9 9th    
263 1200 De Luxe   Hinke de Hohenlohe 79th TE1.9 8th    
269 1200 De Luxe   de Aguinaco de Aguinaco 85th TE1.9 13th    
270 1200 De Luxe   Cardona de la Pena Cardona 82nd TE1.9 10th    
271 1200 De Luxe   Wars de Hohenlohe 83rd TE1.9 11th    
272 1200 De Luxe   Arakelian Arakelian 84th TE1.9 12th