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Volvo 1971



VOLVO 145E DE LUXE £2,147 (incl. P.T.)
An addition to Volvo's estate car programme is the 145E de luxe, which is the familiar 145 Estate fitted with the fuel injection engine. In fact, in this car it is in a slightly lower state of tune, with a newly designed cylinder head giving lower compression, but output is still a satisfactory 125 b.h.p. even though the engine will run on cheap petrol quite happily. All the 140 series of saloons and estate cars have a new remote-control gear lever between the front seats in place of the old one that has been a Volvo feature since 1957. Very safe and durable cars.
VOLVO I64E £2,488 (incl. P.T.)
The big Volvo is a smooth and fast car with its six-cylinder 2979 c.c. engine and twin carburettors, but the Swedish firm now go one better by offering an electronically controlled fuel injection version. Power output goes up from 145 to 175 b.h.p. which means a substantial boost in performance over the 105 m.p.h. of the normal 164. Both cars will be marketed, and both offer a high standard of interior appointment, superb finish and a great many safety features, including new brake materials and ventilated discs on the front wheels. A car for top executives.
VOLVO 1800 ES £2,623 (incl. P.T.)
One of the new models in the Volvo range is the 1800 E.S., with attractive new slant-back styling as an instant distinguishing feature from the 1800 E sports Coupé which continues. The rear window of the new model is frameless glass and lifts up like a tailgate. Luggage room is considerably increased of course, and there is more room in the back seat, though it is still a children only space. The engine has electronic injection and develops 135 b.h.p. A special sign lights up if the driver forgets to put his seat belt on before moving off. And Volvo belts are easy to fit.

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wb: 2,60 m 4 cyl.
1986 cm³
90 pk
4 cyl.
1986 cm³
105 pk
4 cyl.
1986 cm³
110 pk
4dr sedan U 144 144   - discontinued (68.010 ex.)
2dr sedan U 142 142   - discontinued (71.910 ex.)
5dr kombi U 145 145   - discontinued (41.780 ex.)
4dr sedan W 144   144 - new model
2dr sedan W 142   142 - new model
5dr kombi W 145   145 - new model



wb: 2,70 m 6 cyl.
2978 cm³
145 pk (SAE)
130 pk (DIN)
6 cyl.
2978 cm³
175 pk (SAE)
? pk (DIN)
sedan 4dr U 164   - discontinued (20.390 ex.)
sedan 4dr W 164 164 - new model


1800 S and 1800 E

wb: 2.45 m   4 cyl.
1986 cm³
135 pk
1800 E coupe 2-dr U - discontinued (4.750 ex.)
1800 E coupe 2-dr W - new model
1800 ES coupe 3-dr W - new model


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