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Volvo 1961

PV 544
P 210
P 120/130 - modernizacja


Wiosną w modelach P 120 wprowadzono większy silnik B 18 o pojemności 1,8 litra. 2-drzwiowa odmiana P 130 o charakterze sportowym zadebiutowała w październiku. W wersjach 'S' hamulce tarczowe z przodu.

PV 544 and P 210

wb: 2,60 m 4 cyl.
1583 cm³
60-76 pk
4 cyl.
1778 cm³
75-90 pk
sedan PV 544 B   - discontinued (34.600 ex.)
sedan PV 544 Sport B   - discontinued
sedan   PV 544 C - new model
sedan   PV 544 Sport C - new model
  P 210 A   - discontinued (11.744 ex.)
  P 210 B   - new model

Volvo 544

Volvo P 210

P 120 and P 130

wb: 2600 mm 4 cyl.
1583 cm³
60 pk
4 cyl.
1583 cm³
85 pk
4 cyl.
1778 cm³
75 pk
4 cyl.
1778 cm³
90 pk
4dr sedan P 120 VD/HD 121 122 S - - - ost.rok. (29.900 ex.)
4dr sedan P 120 VE/HE - - - new model
2dr sedan P 130 VA/HA - - - - new model

Volvo 122S (P 130)

P 1800

wb: 2.45 m 4 cyl.
1778 cm³
100 pk
coupe P 1800

April 1961Motor Trend
VOLVO P-1800, coupe, $3940, Sweden
It's a bit too early to tell, but all indications point to the fact that Volvo's initial entry into sports car building will be a huge success. At early showings public reaction to styling has been favorable. Performance is in keeping with the trend to high usable cruising speeds along with safe handling, while mechanical design is straightforward enough so that a prediction of good reliability is not out of order.
The engine is similar to that used in Volvo's sedans, but it has its own characteristics. Of four-cylinder ohv design, it displaces 108.5 cubic inches, and develops 100 hp at 5500 rpm. Transmission is a four-speed, all-synchro, with shift lever mounted on the floor. There is an optional overdrive, which will aid economy and engine life at high speed. Top speed, incidentally, is rated by the factory at 110 mph. Zero-to-60 acceleration is around 12-14 seconds. Suspension units, independent front with rigid rear axle on coil springs, are the same as used on Volvo's 122-S sedan. Braking is through front discs with drums on the rear.
Inside the roomy cockpit are a pair of low bucket-type seats. The dash, door panels, seats and upholstery are all executed in a more lavish manner than one usually associates with a sports car. It all contributes to the fooling of the car's intended purpose - comfortable, fast touring in style. To insure touring pleasure there is a generously sized trunk.
On the road the P-1800 demonstrates reassuring qualities of stability with good adhesion in turns. Flexibility is shown by the car's being able to lug along at low speeds in fourth gear without difficulty.
General specifications: Wheelbase, 96.5 inches; front and rear tread, 52; overall length, 173; width, 67; height, 51.
Other versions: No others available.

Volvo P 1800