Classic Car Catalogue

Voisin 1937

C28 - discontinued in the spring
V12 - discontinued
C30 - Paris


W kwietniu firma została przejęta przez producenta silników Gnome & Rhône. Gabriel Voisin został zatrudniony na stanowisku dyrektora generalnego.
Całkowicie nowy model C30 został zaprezentowany w październiku na salonie w Paryżu.

In total 30 C28s and fourteen Aerosports were built between 1935 and 1937.

On the stand of the 1937 Paris show Voisin presented their new C30 to the president of the Republic of France, Albert Lebrun. Adorned with a huge domed grille, this car differs radically from the previous achievements of the brand. Its bodywork designed by Gabriel Voisin adopts a new style but there are a few principles still dear to the builder, including the absence of any trim and looking for the best balance possible. The C30 reserves a good location to its five passengers who are all seated in the middle between the axles providing central weight distribution. That effects its quite angular aesthetic look with a bonnet extended very far forward. The car is lowered through the adoption of a rigid box chassis with integrated floor. It is 'flocked' i.e. it has a velvety appearance obtained by the application of felts which make the interior quieter. The suspension retains the patented Voisin system with four leaf springs and friction shock absorbers. Under the bonnet is the greatest surprise. No more valveless engine. They were too expensive to manufacture. Instead there is six-cylinder motor derived from the American Graham and a supercharged version is also announced.



19 CV (6 cyl., sleeve valve, 3318 cm³, 110 ch; wb: 328 cm)
  berline Clairiére
  demi-berline Cimier
  berline Ambassade
19 CV (6 cyl., sleeve valve, 3318 cm³, 120 ch; wb: 300 cm)
  coupé Aérosport

C28 berline Clairiére

C28 Ambassade

C28 berline by Chapron on 3.5 m wheelbase chassis.


V 12

34 CV (12 cyl., sleeve valve, 5988 cm³, 180 ch)
  L conduite interieure Ailée (wb: 315 cm)
  LL limousine Croisiére (wb: 350 cm)





20 CV (6 cyl., 3560 cm³, 80 ch; wb: 330 cm)
  berline Frégate
  cabriolet Goëlette

The chassis and the cabriolet Goëlette at Paris Motor Show.

C30 Frégate

C30 Goëlette