Classic Car Catalogue

Voisin 1935

C25 17 CV - discontinued in December
C26 17 CV - discontinued (1 ex. made)
C27 17 CV - discontinued (2 ex. made)
C28 19 CV - Paris
L'Ambassade Speciale - prototype


For the more conservative clientele the company prepared three more traditional bodies for the new C25: saloon Clairiére, coach Cimier and limousine Chevaliére.
At the Paris Motor Show in October Voisin introduced a new, larger model the C28. On a small stand there were two new cars: the C28 Aérodyne saloon (registration number 1936 GV 1) and the sensational coupé Aérosport (registration number 1936 GV 2). Having an unusual 'ponton' body the Aérosport can accomodate three passengers on the front bench type seat. Windscreen is made of three pieces for increased visibility. There is no center console – all controls, including gear change are located under the steering wheel and on the dashboard. The greatest innovation however is hidden underneath. The C28 is the first Voisin to have hydraulic brakes.
At the time of the show Voisin offers four versions of the new C28 and the C25 Aérodyne which was discontinued in December.


C25, C26 and C27

17 CV (6 cyl., sleeve valve, 2994 cm³, 90 ch) - disconinued
C25 (wb: 328 cm)
   Bob (chassis)
   Aérodyne (berline)
   Clairiére (berline)
   Cimier (demi-berline)
C26 (wb: 350 cm)
   Luge (chassis)
   Aérisée (limousine)
   Chevaliére (limousine
C27 (wb: 310 cm)
   Ski (chassis)
   Aérosport (coupé)

Berline Aérodyne

Berline Clairiére

Demi-berline Cimier

Modified Aérodyne at Concours d'Elegance in Lyon.

Limousine Aérisée

Limousine Chevaliére

Coupé Aérosport

C27 Aérosport by Figoni.


C28 19 CV

19 CV (6 cyl., sleeve valve, 3318 cm³, 110 ch; wb: 328 cm) - new model
  berline Clairiére
  demi-berline Cimier
  berline Chancelleire
  berline L'Ambassade Speciale (wb: 350 cm) - 1 ex. built for special order
19 CV (6 cyl., sleeve valve, 3318 cm³, 120 ch; wb: 300 cm) - new model
  coupé Aérosport

Paris Motor Show

C28 Clairiére

C28 Aérosport

C28 Aérosport

C28 Aérosport

The range of the end of 1935 includes the old C25 Aérodyne.