Classic Car Catalogue

Vignale 1962


Triumph Italia – ost. rok. Powst. ok. 329 szt.
Lancia Appia Lusso - ost. rok. Powst. 2477 szt.
Record Sperimentale - Turyn


Bazujący na Fiacie 600 D Record Sperimentale został zaprezentowany w Turynie.

Over a three-year production period (mid-1959 to mid-1962) Vignale produced approximately 329 cars. Most all produced were left-hand drive with the probable exception of six cars. The last run of roughly 35 cars were based on the modified TR3B chassis rather that the TR3A, and benefited from the improved gearbox that had been developed for the TR4.


Record Sperimentale Fiat 600


Record Sperimentale Fiat 600 at Turin Motor Show.






Fiat 1300


Fiat 1500


Fiat 2300 S Coupé




Triumph Italia




Lancia Flavia by Michelotti.