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Vauxhall 1962

Victor (FB)
Victor VX 4/90 (FB)
Velox (PA) - discontinued
Cresta (PA) - discontinued
Velox (PB) - new model
Cresta (PB) - new model

Great Britain

Prezentowana gama modeli znajduje się w sprzedaży od sierpnia ubiegłego roku. Wszystkie mają całkowicie synchronizowane skrzynie biegów. Victor dostępny jest w czterech wersjach: Saloon, Super, de Luxe i Estate Car w cenie od 510 do 590 funtów (bez podatku). Za czterobiegową skrzynię przekładniową trzeba dopłacić 12 funtów. Do Super i Estate zamówić można też indywidualne fotele przednie.
Odmianą tego modelu jest też VX 4/90 z silnikiem o większej mocy, który kosztuje 665 funtów. Tu cztery biegi są w standardzie.
Za sześciocylindrowe Velox i Cresta trzeba zapłacić 655 i 715 funtów a za wersje kombi 852 i 923 funty. Wyposażenie dodatkowe tych modeli obejmuje przekładnię overdrive Laycock-de Normanville lub automat GM Hydra-matic, hamulce tarczowe ze wspomaganiem, indywidualne fotele przednie lub rozkładaną podpórkę pod łokcie na przedniej kanapie.
Vauxhall Victor FB Saloon. Successor to the F Series II in the summer of 1961, this new marque is distinguishable by lower body styling which feature sloping windscreen pillars, smooth body sides topped by a knife-edge moulding and a full-width radiator grille embodying single headlamps. The four-cylinder, 1508-cc engine is basically unchanged from the previous model.
Vauxhall VX4/90 Saloon. Introduced with the Victor FB this more luxurious alternative is recognisable mainly by body side flashes, larger wheels, different wheel trims and radiator grille. The 1508-cc engine produces more power than the Victor FB (71.3 bhp instead of 48.6 bhp) and there are a number of other differences.
Continuing the boxy styling trend of the FB Victor, 1962 Cresta has slab sided bodywork on 2.5" longer wheelbase than the PA. Power is from 95 bhp 2651cc PA engine giving 95 mph top speed. Gearbox is three speed with column shift with optional overdrive, or Hydramatic auto. Brakes are servo assisted disc/drums.
Velox is de-specked version of Cresta, recognisable by smaller grille.
FOLLOWING a maiden year's highly successful production run, four-cylinder Vauxhall Victor appear without change at their second London Show. Alike in engineering essentials, and largely so in appearance, they differ appreciably in performance, the hotted-up 4/90 being the faster by about 12 m.p.h. and correspondingly superior in acceleration. A raised compression ratio, twin carburettors and an aluminium alloy cylinder head are main sources of the extra power. There are three versions of the Victor saloon-standard, Super and De Luxe, plus a standard and De Luxe Estate Car. The saloons are among the roomiest family cars of their engine size on the market. Total interior length (windscreen base to rear seat squab) is over 67 inches, seat to roof measurements 42 and 37 ½ in. front and rear respectively. The spare wheel tucks away in the offside rear wheel recess, leaving the floor of the enormous boot unobstructed. Long-interval chassis lubrication pares servicing costs. A three-speed gearbox with column change is standard but options include an all-synchromesh four-speed transmission with floor shift. For effortless cruising at around the "eighty" mark, the VX 4/90 is deliberately geared fairly high. This model has disc brakes in front, drums at the back, with servo aid. Exterior recognition features include contrasting-coloured flashes along the body sides and a shallower-than-Victor radiator grille. Engine capacity: 1,508 c.c. Brake horse power: 56.3 at 4,600 r.p.m. Wheelbase : 8 ft. 4 in. Prices: Standard Saloon. £702.5.3 incl. PT. Super Saloon. £736.12.9 incl. PT. De Luxe Saloon. £798.10.3 incl. PT. Estate Car £812.5.3 incl. PT. De Luxe Estate Car £901.12.9 incl. PT. VX 4/90 £927.15.3 incl. PT.
(London report)
NO significant engineering changes, but a complete re-design elsewhere: there, in a nutshell, you have the Velox/Cresta story. Body styling, for a start, is a complete breakaway from the familiar Vauxhall Six line, bulbous treatment being replaced by something much more akin to the current Victor's "sculptured" contouring. There is more interior space too - 6 in. of extra legroom shared between front and rear occupants, 2 ½ and 2 ¾ in. more shoulder room in front and rear respectively, and so on. Over-all, likewise, these Vauxhalls have gone up in size, albeit only slightly: 2 ¾ in. on the length, 1 ¾ in. on width, plus a fractionally increased track. The Velox/Cresta inter-relationship remains the same, of course, the basic architecture being identical but the latter enjoying de luxe status. The facia layout, with rearranged instruments and walnut facing, is new. So is a much simplified system of controls for the heating and ventilating equipment. Disc brakes on the front wheels, formerly optional extras, are now standardised on both models. The clutch has been improved and the compression ratio slightly raised. Better handling and road-holding is claimed to result from a lowered centre of gravity. Adjuncts to safety include bigger glass areas, narrow door and screen pillars, the free use of anti-crash padding in the facia area and across the steering-wheel spokes, parallel-action screen wipers that really cover their subject, elimination of interior protruberances that might cause injury in an accident, etc., etc. Engine capacity: 2,651 c.c. Broke horse-power. 113.1 at 4,800 r.p.m. Wheelbase: 7 ft. 9 in. Prices: Velox Saloon £936.0.3 incl. PT. Cresta Saloon £1,046.0.3 incl. PT.
(London report)

Victor and VX 4/90

Victor (FB) (4 cyl, 1508 cc, 50 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 4in)
 Estate (wb: 8ft 4in)
Victor VX 4/90 (FB) (4 cyl, 1508 cc, 71 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 4in)

VX 4/90

Velox and Cresta (PA)

(PA) (6 cyl, 2651 cc, 95 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 9in)


Velox and Cresta (PB)

(PB) (6 cyl, 2651 cc, 95 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8ft 11½in)

Cresta and Velox

Paris Motor Show





FB         – new model