Classic Car Catalogue

Vauxhall 1948

Twelve-Four - discontinued
Fourteen-Six - discontinued
Wyvern (L) - new model
Velox (L) - new model

Great Britain

Nowe modele "L-types" angielskiego oddziału General Motors zostały zaprezentowane pod koniec lata. Wyvern i Velox posiadają takie same nadwozia, różnią się zastosowanymi silnikami. Pierwszy napędzany jest jednostką 4 cylindrową o pojemności 1442 ccm i mocy 35 KM, drugi 6 cylindrową 2275 ccm 55 KM.

Vauxhall Twelve, Series HIX, and Fourteen Saloons were produced until July when they were superseded by the restyled Wyvern and Velox models.
Wyvern is face lifted Twelve from 1948 with extended more modern looking front and tail treatments, rounded wings and alligator bonnet. Disc wheels and column shift complete the update, but still only 35 bhp and 60 mph top speed. Velox is identical in appearance to Wyvern, except for over riders and usually cream painted wheels. Engine is 55 bhp 2275cc six, giving 75 mph top speed.



Twelve (4 cyl, 1442 cc, 35 bhp)



Fourteen (6 cyl, 1781cc, 47 bhp)


Wyvern and Velox

Wyvern (4 cyl, 1442 cc, 35 bhp)
Velox (6 cyl, 2275 cc, 55 bhp)