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Vauxhall 1939

Ten (H)
Twelve (I)
Fourteen-Six (J)
Twenty Five (GY/GL) - discontinued

Great Britain

Vauxhall 25 HP G-Series was introduced in August 1936 and produced until 1939.
Vauxhall Ten, Series H, has a 1203-cc (63.5x95 mm) OHV Four engine, three-speed gearbox, 7 ft 10 in wheelbase and 5.00-16 tyres.
Vauxhall Twelve is a 12 HP six-light variant of the Ten. It has a longer body and wheelbase (8 ft 5¼-in), 5.25-16 tyres and a larger-bore engine (69.5 x 95 mm, 1442 cc).
Vauxhall Fourteen Six, Series J. looks like Twelve is slightly larger with a wheelbase of 8 ft 9 in, 5.50-16 tyres and built-out boot. Its 1781-cc (61.5x100 mm) six-cylinder OHV engine is good for 30 mpg and 70 mph.



(H) 4 cyl, 1203cc; wb: 7ft 10in

and waht at it means to you
  THE constant aim of Vauxhall Motors is to provide better motoring for less money, simply because that is the only sound way to achieve lasting success.
By "better motoring" we mean more enjoyable motoring extra roominess, more comfort, more safety, livelier performance, more quality, better looks, more reliability.
By "less money" we mean not only lower first cost, not only lower petrol bills (and the Vauxhall Ten is famouss for its low m.p.g.) but lower running costs all round, which result from sheer reliability, durability, and low service charges when jobs such as decarbonizing are necessary,
The 1940 Vauxhall Ten is a direct result of that policy. Good as it was, it has been improved all round. It is longer, wider, roomier, more impressive - the changes are all dealt with in the pa^es that follow.
What we would particularly ask you to bear in mind, however, is that these are additional improvements to a car that has already achieved the reputation of being outstanding in its class.
Below are some of the chief features of the new Vauxhall Ten. They cannot be found, together, in any comparable car.
1. EXTRA ROOMINESS. — The rear seat is 4 ins. wider, between armrests.
2. IMPROVED APPEARANCE. — Longer bonnet, bigger front wings, new instrument panel, etc.
3. MORE LUGGAGE SPACE. — Spare wheel carried outside the lid of the luggagee boot. Petrol filler pipe re-positioned to give more room.
4. ALL-STEEL CONSTRUCTION. — Strength with lightness, freedom from squeaks and rattles.
5. INDEPENDENT SPRINGING. — Adjusts itself to suit any road surface. Controls roll on bends.
6. HYDRAULIC BRAKES. — Give smooth, positive control at all speeds.
7. CONTROLLED SYNCHROMESH. — Prevents even a learner from making a poor change.
8. HELICAL GEARS. — All gears are helically cut to give quiet operation.
9. SIX-PHASE CARBURATION. — 40 m.p.g. with normal driving.
10. TWO THERMOSTATS. — The engine is ready for anything in under half a mile, even in the coldest weather.
11. DOUBLE IGNITION CONTROL. — Automatically adjusts spark timing to suit all conditions. Basic setting may be altered by hand.
12. FULLY COUNTERWEIGHTED CRANKSHAFT. — For smooth running and long engine life.
13. CYLINDER BORE LUBRICATION. — Walls lubricated by spurts of oil under pressure.
14. INDIVIDUALLY CAST PISTON RINGS. — Prevent oil creeping upwards, and the blow-by of gases downwards.
15. CRANKCASE VENTILATOR. — Extracts harmful fumes before they can do damage.
16. COMPENSATED VOLTAGE CONTROL. — Gives the battery exactly the charge it needs, and keeps it healthy.
17. NO-DRAUGHT VENTILATION. — For perfect ventilation (de Luxe Saloon). Controls simplified; windows made to lock.
18. BODY-CONFORMITY SEATING. — For comfort on the longest journeys. Prised by doctors.
19. MECHANICAL WINDSCREEN WIPERS. — Powerful but quiet, and unfailingly efficient.
20. EASY MAINTENANCE. — Only a dozen oil-gun nipples.
  10 h.p. 4-DOOR SALOONS



(I) 4 cyl, 1442 cc; wb: 8ft 5¼in



(J) 6 cyl, 1781 cc; wb: 8ft 9in


Twenty Five

25 HP 6 cyl, 3215 cm³
 Saloon (GY) (wb: 9ft 2½in)
 Sports Saloon (GY) (wb: 9ft 2½in)
 Drophead Coupé (GY) (wb: 9ft 2½in)
 Seven-Seater Saloon (GL) (wb: 10ft 10in)
 Limousine (GL) (wb: 10ft 10in)

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  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
17-25.01.1939 Rallye Monte Carlo     2 47 Barnes Twelve 38th (->1500 7th)