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Vanden Plas 1962

Princess 3-Litre Mk 2
Princess 4-Litre

Great Britain

In 1962 the entire Westminster range received a facelift primarily to increase power output and interior specification. The Princess MkII also benefit from these changes, and some items of interior trim are improved by Vanden Plas - picnic trays are included for the rear passengers, and the dashboard layout was slightly redesigned.
Mechanical improvements saw a more powerful engine producing 120bhp (90kW) capable of taking the car to a maximum speed of 108 mph. Economy for this engine is around 20 mpg. The car also have a slightly longer wheelbase, and the manual shift gear lever is now floor-mounted. Changes across range include thicker front discs, a larger brake servo and a self-adjusting brake mechanism for rear drums. Changes specific to the Princess model are a re-designed facia layout, and the inclusion of picnic tables for the rear passengers, set into the back of the front seats. Front seats now have squab adjustment, and larger over-riders are fitted to the bumpers.
SECOND only to the stately 4-litre Princess, this is B.M.C.'s top prestige car.
The body-chassis unit is uniform with Austin's and Wolseley's sixes, but the V.P. 3-litre is cock of the range as far as luxury is concerned. Testifying to the makers' cost-no-object thinking are such features as fine hide upholstery, burr walnut door cappings and dash, exceptionally deep seat squabs, and duplicated speakers for the optional radio. Standard transmission comprises a three-speed all-synchromesh gearbox in conjunction with self-operating overdrive, but a fully automatic system can be specified. Imposingly in keeping with their V.I.P.-wafting role, the 4-litre Princess, a saloon and a limousine, are large and sumptuous cars selling at surprisingly sub-V.I.P. prices. Out of the general B.M.C. character, they retain separate bodies and chassis. Engine capacity: 2,912 c.c. Brake Horse Power: 120 at 4,850 r.p.m. Wheelbase: 9 ft. 2 in. Prices: 4-Litre Saloon £2,957.5.3 incl. PT., 3-Litre Saloon £1,532.15.3 incl. PT.

London Show review

Princess 3-Litre

  wb: 9 ft. 2 in. R6 cyl.
120 bhp
Mk II Saloon  



Princess 4-Litre

wb: 11ft 3/8in. R6 cyl.
3993 cc
150 bhp


Princess Limousine