Classic Car Catalogue

TVR 1978

wb: 2286 mm V6 cyl.
2994 cc
146 bhp
V6 cyl.
2994 cc
265 bhp
Convertible     - new model

Great Britain

Birmingham show review
Based on the rigid TVR tubular steel chassis, the latest model is a smart convertible with traditional folding hood. Like the hatchback TVRs, the convertible comes as standard with a 146 bhp Ford V6 engine, but in optional turbocharged form power is up to 265 bhp, and top speed is in the region of 140 mph. The unblown model is good for 125 mph, and handling is in keeping with the performance. In spite of the flowing lines of the new model, there is something of the vintage sports car in its make-up, for the doors have removable side screens. The TVRs are big sellers in the USA where the compact dimensions are appreciated.
Birmingham show review
High-speed sports hatchback from the small but prolific Blackpool constructor, has glass-fibre-reinforced two-seater coupé body, and is powered by a 146 bhp Ford V6 engine. The separate steel-tube chassis is robust, has all-independent suspension, and handling is superb. The entire rear window panel lifts-up for luggage loading, the size of the panel making the car into a virtual sporting estate. There is also a turbocharged version with a whopping 265 bhp, and a staggering performance. The cars are available with choice of four-speed manual, or four speeds plus overdrive, the latter operating on both third and fourth gears.