Classic Car Catalogue

Triumph 1976

Toledo - discontinued in March
1500 TC - discontinued
2000 / 2500
Spitfire 1500
TR6 - discontinued in June
TR7 - new model

Great Britain



Toledo (R4 cyl, 1296 cc, 58 bhp) - discontinued in March
  Saloon 4-dr


1500 TC

1500 TC (R4 cyl, 1493 cc, 71 bhp) - discontinued



1850 HL (R4 cyl, 1854 cc, 91 bhp)
Sprint (R4 cyl, 1998 cc, 127 bhp)
1300 (R4 cyl, 1296 cc, 58 bhp) - March
1500 (R4 cyl, 1493 cc, 71 bhp) - March
1500 HL (R4 cyl, 1493 cc, 71 bhp) - March

Replacing the Toledo, the Dolomite 1300 has the long-tailed body with the larger luggage boot and bigger fuel tank common to the whole Dolomite range, which now comprises 1300, 1500, 1500 HL, 1850 HL and 2-litre Sprint. All models now have Dolomite front suspension with anti-roll bar and 4½-in. road wheels, plus head restraints, laminated windscreen, retractable radio aerial, pile carpets and improved seat slides.
Victory in the British Touring Car Championship is one of the sporting successes that have helped to establish the Sprint as an impressive sports saloon. With its ingenious 16-valve cylinder head the engine is an outstanding 2-litre unit. Twin exhausts, cast alloy wheels, front air dam, and vinyl top are other features. There are anti-roll bars at front and rear for stability in fast driving.

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Dolomite Sprint


2000 and 2500

wb: 2690 mm 6 cyl,
1998 cc
91 bhp (DIN)
6 cyl, carb
2498 cc
106 bhp (DIN)
Saloon 2000 TC 2500 TC
Estate - 2500 S

TRIUMPH 2000 TC £3,347
The venerable Triumph six-cylinder saloons with bodies designed by Michelotti have undergone many changes both in 2-litre and 2½-litre forms. The 2-litre has a twin-carburetter engine and the four-speed gearbox can be supplemented by a Laycock overdrive operating on third and top gears. A Borg Warner automatic transmission can be had instead. Power-assisted steering and tinted glass can also be supplied.
TRIUMPH 2500S £4,117
Most comprehensively equipped of all the big Triumph saloons. the 2500S has overdrive, power-assisted steering, alloy wheels and improved suspension. The instrument panel is in walnut veneer, upholstery is in high grade cloth, front seats have head restraints and inertia reel safety harness. All Triumph sixes this year have had modified manifolds and carburetter changes for higher power and torque with greater economy.

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2500 TC

2000 TC

2500 S Estate





1500 (R4 cyl, 1493 cc, 71 bhp)

Though 75 per cent go to North America, the Spitfire will also attract extra attention across the Channel now that MGs have been withdrawn from European markets. De luxe options and laminated windscreens have been standardised this year, increasing the appeal of a lively little sports car in traditional British style. Independent rear suspension with compensator to quell oversteer ensures good roadholding.

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TR6 (R6 cyl, inj, 2498 cc, 124 bhp-DIN) - dicontinued
TR6 (R6 cyl, 2x carb, 2498 cc, 104 bhp) - US only



TR7 (R4 cyl, 1998 cc, 92 bhp) - US only
TR7 (R4 cyl, 1998 cc, 105 bhp) - May



Stag (V8 cyl, 2997 cc, 145 bhp)

TRIUMPH STAG From £4,099
The attractive Michelotti-styled 2+2 Stag is unchanged for 1976, the V8-engined roadster retaining the built-in safety roll-bar and provision for hardtop, as well as its inbuilt soft hood. The three-litre engine with its single overhead camshaft to each cylinder bank, is available with manual/overdrive gearbox or fully-automatic transmission. The svelte bodywork carries a double coachline along the waistline, and the recessed tail-panel is finished matt black. Air-conditioning is an optional extra, and side windows are electrically-operated as standard. The roll-bar is padded for safety.

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