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Triumph 1962

Herald 1200
TR3B - new model - discontinued
Italia 2000 Coupé - discontinued
Dove GTR4 - new model
Vitesse - new model
Spitfire 4 - new model

Great Britain

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Nowy model Vitesse powstał na podwoziu Heralda, do którego wbudowano zmniejszony, sześciocylindrowy silnik Standard Vanguard 6. Oferowany jest w dwóch wersjach: Saloon i Convertible.
Wersja TR-3B była produkowana tylko w tym roku wyłącznie na rynek amerykański. Pierwsze 530 samochodów było identyczne z TR3A, późniejsze miały standardowo montowane silniki 2,1 litra i nowe skrzynie biegów z TR4. Łącznie powstało 3331 egzemplarzy.
Poczas salonu Earls Court w Londynie zaprezentowano Spitfire 4 z dwugaźnikowym silnikiem Heralda o pojemności 1147 cm³. Stylizowane przez Michelotti nadwozie oparte jest na całkowicie nowej ramie o rozstawie osi 83 cali. Zawieszenia zostały zaadaptowane z Heralda. Przednie hamulce tarczowe stanowią wyposażenie standardowe.
Herald Courier dołączył do oferty na początku roku.
The Vittesse is a performance version of the Herald available in saloon and convertible form, with 70 bhp 1596cc six giving 88 mph top speed. Standard disc brakes, close ratio box, optional overdrive and four headlamps. Visible differences includes front flared wings over diagonal twin headlamps, an oblong mesh grille, aluminium bumpers and special wheel trims.
The Spitfire 4 it a two seater sports on a new backbone chassis with 63 bhp 1147 cc two-carburator engine giving 90 mph top speed. It has all the coil spring ifs, rack and pinion steering and transverse leaf spring rear of the Herald. Fully welded body provides greater stiffness.
TR3B continued for a short time on the American market after the TR4 was introduced but with all synchro box.
Over a three-year production period (mid-1959 to mid-1962) Vignale produced approximately 329 Italia 2000 Coupes. Most all produced were left-hand drive. The last run of about 35 cars were based on the modified TR3B chassis rather that the TR3A, and benefited from the improved gearbox that had bean developed for the TR4.
TR4 Coupe was announced in November 1961. This version have a detachable steel roof panel, which when removed left the rear screen and wind-up side windows in position.
L'AutomobileOctober 1962


S (R4 cyl, 948 cc, 35 bhp)
1200 (R4 cyl, 1147 cc, 48 bhp)
  Estate Car
  Courier - new model

NO changes this time. All tastes are catered for by the Herald 1200 range, which comprises a saloon, a fixed-head coupe with rear-compartment seating for two children or one rather cramped adult, a convertible, and an estate car. The latter, incidentally, has recently been enjoying big sales at home and overseas. Here are some figures that typify the 1200 saloon's performance: 0 to 40 m.p.h., 11 secs.; o to 60, 28 ½ secs.; 40 to 60 m.p.h. in top gear, 21 ½ secs. Internally, the light and airy body measures 46 ½ and 44 ½ inches maximum across front aid rear compartments respectively, the corresponding seat-to-roof dimensions being 36 and 33 ½ in. All Heralds are of course noted for their simplified maintenance, a trend which they pioneered, wide ranges of seat adjustability, and such safety devices as a steering column which telescopes if the driver is thrown against it with more than a certain force in a collision. The column is also adjustable for reach. One of the merits of the Herald's basic form of construction, using separate chassis and body elements, is that crash damage, unless very severe, can be repaired at relatively low cost. Engine capacity: 1,147c.c. Brake horse-power: 39 at 4,500 r.p.m. Wheelbase: 7 ft. 7 1/2 in.
Saloon £659.12.9 incl. PT.
Coupe £687.2.9 incl. PT.
Convertible £731.2.9 incl. PT.
Estate Car £753.16.6 incl. PT.

(London report)

Herald 1200 Saloon

Herald 1200 Convertible


TR4 (R4 cyl, 2138 cc, 100 bhp)
TR4 (R4 cyl, 1991 cc, 100 bhp) - opt.

AFTER a full season's production run, this successor to the fast-selling TR3 has taken a firm grip on the fancy of the World's sports-car enthusiasts. Upscaled in bulk as well as engine capacity, it's actually no faster than its predecessor, but improved torque characteristics give it excellent hill-climbing and accelerating powers, while comfort and roadability are also at new levels. Sample performance figures: Nought to sixty through the all-synchromesh four-speed gearbox, less than 11 seconds; 50 to 70 m.p.h. in top, about 10 secs. Rack and pinion steering, replacing the TR3's worm and peg mechanism, gives quick and accurate response at all speeds, with little kick-back. Addition of about four inches to the wheel track minimises roll on corners. The frame itself is a stiffened and widened version of the TR3's, thus retaining the rather old-fashioned combination of a live rear axle and semi-elliptic springs. A feature of the attractive detachable hard top is its detachable top-within-a-top, which, when removed, leaves the rear window and its side-panelling in situ to combat down-the-neck draughts. Engine capacity: 2,138 c.c. Brake Horse Power: 100 at 4,600 r.p.m. Wheelbase: 7 ft. 4 m.
Open Sports £1,032.5.3 incl. PT.
Hard Top £1,080.7.9 incl. PT.

(London report)


TR3B (R4 cyl, 1991 cc, 100 bhp) - for the US market, this year only
TR3B (R4 cyl, 2138 cc, 100 bhp) - for the US market, this year only


Italia 2000 Coupé Vignale

(R4 cyl, 1991 cc, 100 bhp) - discontinued



1600 (R6 cyl, 1596 cc, 70 bhp)

Vitesse na Salonie Samochodowym w Paryżu.
RESULT of a never-failing recipe for good performance, viz., a bigger engine for a car of a given size and weight, the Vitesse is making its first Earls Court appearance. Main elements are a strengthened version of the all-independently-sprung Herald chassis and a Vanguard Six engine, down-rated from 1998 to 1596 c.c. by reducing the bore of the cylinders. There are two Vitesse variants, a saloon and a drophead, the styling of both-which includes twin headlamps -being alike below the waistline. Such well-established Herald features as minimal maintenance routines, a very small turning circle, and excellent engine accessibility, are of course retained. The rear drum brakes are bigger than the Herald's, the front wheels having self-adjusting Girling discs. Chassis reinforcement takes the form of deepened backbone members and extra "boxing" at their junction with the front suspension pillars. Manually operated overdrive, working on top and third gears and thus providing a total of six speeds, is among the optional extras. All of the Vitesse's main measurements are uniform with the Herald's, making it an unusually compact car in relation to its performance. Engine capacity: 1,596 c.c. Brake Horse Power: 70 at 5,000 r.p.m. Wheelbase: 7 ft. 7¾ in.
Saloon £837.0.3 incl. PT.
Convertible £893.7.9 incl. PT.

(London report)

Spitfire 4

4 (R4 cyl, 1147 cc, 63 bhp)

THIS latest invader of the smallest sports-car class, announced on the eve of the Show, promises to give B.M.C.'s Sprite and Midget a run for their money. Based on the continuingly popular Herald, it brings the range of Triumphs using the ubiquitous 1200 engine up to five. In Spitfire form, this power unit develops more power than ever before - no less than 63 b.h.p. on the higher of the two optional compression ratios (9 to 1). Car weight is down by more than 80 lb. compared with the lightest of the Heralds, which makes the makers' claim of a standing quarter-mile time of 19.5 secs. quite credible. Foundation of the Spitfire is a shortened version of the all-independently-sprung Herald chassis, with its massive backbone and extremely small turning circle. Front brakes are discs. For unbeatable engine accessibility, the whole fore-part of the body, wings included, hinges up, Herald fashion. Windows are of wind-up type and interior equipment includes a heater and demister, passenger grab handle, built-in safety belt anchorages, and an ample range of instruments. The car shares the Herald's well-known telescopic steering column, for protection in the event of collision. Engine capacity: 1,147 c.c. Brake horse-power: 63 at 5,750 r.p.m. Wheelbase: 6 ft. 11 in.
Price: £730 incl. PT.

(London report)

Spitfire at Earls Court.

Spitfire 4 (motor'62/44-16, 46-14)

Dove GTR4

GTR4 (R4 cyl, 2138 cc, 100 bhp) - new model




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
  29.8-2.9.1962 Liège-Sofia-Liège     1 30 TR4 Jean-Jacques Thuner / John Gretener 9th

Liège-Sofia-Liège; Jean-Jacques Thuner and John Gretener; Triumph TR4; 9th.