Classic Car Catalogue

Triumph 1951


Great Britain

W Londynie zaprezentowano model Renown w wersji limousine.

Renown Limousine of 1951 has 3" longer wheel base.
Triumph Mayflower Drophead Coupe was announced in October 1950, only eleven of these were made, the last in the early part of 1951. The Mayflower Saloon continue with a number of modifications including a revised rear suspension and more deeply dished road wheels.



1200T (4cyl, 1247 cm³, 38 KM)
  Saloon (wb: 84 in)
  Drophead Coupe (wb: 84 in) - discontinued

Mayflower DHC

Mayflower przygotowany specjalnie na wystawę "All that's best in Britain"



TDB (4cyl, 2088 cm³, 68 KM)
  Saloon (wb; 108 in)
  Limousine (wb: 111 in) - autumn