Classic Car Catalogue

Triumph 1946

1800 Roadster - new model
1800 Saloon - new model

Great Britain

Stoke works were sold in November 1944, to the Standard Motor Co. Ltd, who subsequently reorganized the company as Triumph Motor Co. (1945) Ltd.
31st December 1945 - The Triumph Company was acquired by the Standard Motor Company.
The 1800 roadster has tubular chassis, with transverse leaf spring ifs, and semi elliptic rear. 65 bhp 1776cc engine, gives 75 mph top speed. Column change and unusual three abreast bench seat, and dickie seat, with front part of boot lid forming a windscreen. Firm ride but well appointed cabin with wind up windows and snug fitting hood.
The 1800 saloon has similar tubular chassis to the Roadster, with transverse leaf spring ifs and semi elliptic rear but longer wheel base: 9ft vs. 8ft 4in. Four speed box with column change. Imposing razor edge styling is built of aluminium panels on ash frame because of steel rationing, and leather and wood interior. Engine is 65 bhp 1772cc ohv unit giving a top speed of 72 mph.
Both models are produced from March.


1800 Saloon

18 T (4cyl, 1776 cm³, 65 KM)


1800 Roadster

18 TR (4cyl, 1776 cm³, 65 KM)