Classic Car Catalogue

Trident 1966

GT (V8 cyl., 4727 cc)

Great Britain

Based in Woodbridge theTrident Cars Ltd lauched their first Trident Clipper Convertible prototype at the Racing Car Show at Olympia in London in January. It is based on a prototype TVR Trident which had attractive two seater coupe steel and aluminium bodywork by Trevor Frost and built in Italy by Carrozzeria Fissore.
Due to a financial crisis at the TVR company, the project passed instead to one of their dealers, W.J. (Bill) Last, who created a separate Trident Cars Ltd to manufacture it using the premises previously used by him for making the Peel Viking Sport. The cars are fitted with Ford 4.7 litre V8 in a chassis that is very similar to the one used on the Austin-Healey 3000 and has similar styling to the TVR prototypes, but are made of fibreglass instead.