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Toyota 1978

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Starlet new model new model -
Carina   -
Corona   -
Celica   new model ?
Land Cruiser  
Tercel August - -


• February 24th: Toyota Auto Body Thailand Co., Ltd. established in Thailand.
• April 13th: Celica XX (MA46) launched.
• August 3rd: Tercel and Corsa (AL10) launched.
• December: Attains No.1 position in sales of imported passenger cars, trucks, and total sales volume in the U.S.A.

Starlet (Europe)

  wb: 2290 mm 4 cyl. ohv
993 cc
47 bhp (DIN)


Latest model from the famous Japanese manufacturer is a neat (three or five-door) hatchback which is only a little more than 12 ft. long, yet it has an extra five inches of interior length compared to the Toyota 1000 (which the Starlet replaces) that was half-an-inch longer! The lightalloy engine of 993 cc is sweet-running but demands only low-grade petrol, yet it will propel the car at more than 90 mph. Due to its good aerodynamic shape, plus high gearing, it is very light on fuel. The rear seatbacks fold individually to provide many permutations of passenger and luggage accommodation, and a radio is standard equipment.

Corolla (Japan)

    1166 cc
64 ps
1407 cc
82 ps
1588 cc
85 ps
1588 cc
90 ps
1588 cc
110 ps
Coupe SL - - -
Coupe Deluxe - -
Coupe Hi-Deluxe -
Coupe SR - -
Coupe GSL - - -
Coupe Levin - - - -


24 pages brochure.

24 pages brochure.

Corolla (Europe)



September 1978

Corolla (other markets)










Carina (Japan)




Carina (Europe)

  wb: 2501 mm 4 cyl. ohv
1588 cc
75 bhp (DIN)


Latest edition of the 1.6-litre Carina from Toyota has squared-up bodywork, which, although only 3.8 cm wider and 2.54 cm longer than its predecessor, has 6.09 cm more shoulder width, increased front headroom, and boot space enlarged by 50 percent. The Carina is competitively priced, and, in the Japanese manner, equipment is very comprehensive and includes tinted glass, head-restraints, heated rear window and radio. There is even a tin of touch-up paint! The four-cylinder engine has a light-alloy head and hemispherical combustion chambers for high power-output, and the manual gearbox has a slick change.

Corona (Japan)



Carina Taxi model '79, 8 pages brochure.

Corona (USA)



Cressida (Europe)

  wb: 2645 mm 4 cyl. ohc
1968 cc
89 bhp (DIN)


Roomy four-door saloon from Toyota, the Cressida is a two-litre model which demands only two-star petrol. The ride is soft but safe handling is maintained by positive location of the live rear axle by the four-link system. In the Japanese manner the Cressida comes comprehensively-equipped with pushbutton radio, tinted glass, and two-speed wipers with intermittent control. The heater booster has four speeds, and will provide fresh or recirculated air (for standing in fumey traffic conditions). There is also an estate with enormous carrying space which has a rear window wiper and washer as standard.

Cressida (USA)








Crown (Japan)




Crown (Europe)



June 1978

Celica (Japan)



Celica GT Liftback

Celica GTV Coupe

Celica XX

Celica (Europe)

  wb: 2500 mm 4 cyl. ohc
1600 cc
bhp (DIN)
4 cyl. ohc
1968 cc
85 bhp (DIN)
4 cyl. 2ohc
1968 cc
113 bhp (DIN)
  Coupé ST XT    
  Liftback   ST GT  


Completely restyled Celica range comprises a two-door 2+2 coupe, and a 2+2 'Liftback' with swept tail. There is a 1600 coupe version called ST, but the bulk of the series is powered by a two-litre four-cylinder engine, the top GT Liftback model having a twin overhead camshaft 113 bhp unit, and very high performance. XT and ST Liftback versions have single overhead camshaft two-litre engines with maximum outputs of 85 bhp. All Celicas have five-speed gearboxes, the Liftbacks having tailgates, folding rear seats, and exceptional luggage space. GT has 115 mph maximum, other two-litre models about 105 mph.

Celica (USA)



Celica GT

Celica ST





Land Cruiser (Japan)



Land Cruiser (Europe)



Land Cruiser (USA)

  wb: 6 cyl. ohv
4230 cc
125 hp (SAE)
Hardtop 90 in.        
Wagon 106.3 in.        



Trucks (USA)




Trecel (Japan)



Introduced in Japan in August the Tercel is Toyota's first front-wheel drive.