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Toyota 1977



• March 9th: Toyota Manufacturing Australia established. Production commenced at the engine plant in October 1978.
• June 9th: Kijang (KF10) launched in Indonesia.
• June 24th: Chaser (MX40) launched.
• June 24th: Vehicles launched that use three-way catalytic converters to meet of the 1978 Emissions Standards.
• August: Production commenced at Associated Vehicle Assemblers Ltd. (AVA) of Kenya.

South Africa

South Africa

South Africa

South Africa

Publica / 1000








Corolla (Japan)



Corolla (Europe)



Corolla Liftback, October 1977

Corolla (other markets)




Sprinter (Japan)

    1200 1400 1600 1600
Hardtop ST - -
Hardtop DX -
Hardtop XL
Hardtop GS - -


12 pages brochure.





16 pages brochure.

Carina (Europe)



December 1977

Corona 2000 (Europe)

  4 cyl.
1968 cc
89 hp (DIN)
sedan 2000
kombi 2000


16 pages brochure.

Corona (USA)




Cressida (Europe)

  wb: 2645 mm 4 cyl.
1968 cm³
89 PS (DIN)











Celica (Japan)



Celica GT Liftback

Celica XT Coupe

Celica GTV Coupe

Celica (Europe)



Celica ST Liftback

Celica GT Coupe

Celica ST Coupe

Celica ST Liftback

Celica GT Liftback

Celica XT Liftback





Land Cruiser



Front door vent windows removed, added rear vent windows on the hard top in the United States

Hilux / Truck



SR5 Sport Truck 2WD