Classic Car Catalogue

Toyota 1947

AC 6 cyl., 3389 cc, 75 hp  
SA 4 cyl., 995 cc, 27 hp - new model


• March: Production of BM truck commenced.
• April 20th: Repairing of U.S.A. military passenger cars commenced.
• April: Production of SB small truck (Toyota's first small truck) commenced.
• June 3rd: Production of fifty large passenger cars permitted by a GHQ memorandum.
• September: 'Toyopet' selected as the nickname of the compact car (model SA) through a public suggestion.
• October: Production of the SA compact passenger car (Toyota's first compact passenger car) commenced.
• In the same year BM truck exported to Okinawa, and SA compact passenger car exported to Egypt (first export following the end of World War II)