Classic Car Catalogue

Talbot 1979

Avenger — discontinued
Horizon — new model

Great Britain

All the European assets of Chrysler were sold to Peugeot of France last year. The factory at Linwood (Scotland) continues with the production of the Sunbeam based on the shortened Avenger floorpan from late summer renamed as Talbot. The Avenger model is dropped and only the remaining stock is re-badged as Talbot.
Two new high-performance Sunbeam models are introduced. The 1600 Ti with two Weber carburettors and the modified camshaft has wider wheels and tyres, a front and rear spoiler, sporty instrument panel and steering wheel. The Lotus is a joint project between Chrysler UK and the famous Lotus Engeneering. Externally it differs from the regular Sunbeam by the wide horizontal strip along the side with the 'Lotus' logo and special wider wheels. Under the bonnet there is a four-cylinder 16-valve ohc unit, closely related to those used in the Elite/Eclat/Esprit joined with a 5-speed ZF gearbox. The rolling chassis are assembled at Linwood and then delivered to the Lotus factory at Ludham (East Anglia) were the engines are fitted.



LS / GL (928 cc, 42 bhp)
GL (1295 cc, 69 bhp)
GL / S (1598 cc, 80 bhp)
1600 TI (1598 cc, 100 bhp) - new
Lotus (2174 cc, 150 bhp) - new
  Hatchback 3-dr (wb: 2413 mm)

Sunbeam 1.3 GL

Sunbeam Lotus

Sunbeam 1600 TI



LS/GL (1295 cc, 59 bhp)
LS/GL (1598 cc, 69 bhp)
  Saloon 2-dr (wb: 2489 mm)
  Saloon 4-dr (wb: 2489 mm)
  Estate (wb: 2489 mm)



GL (1294 cc, 68 bhp)
S / GLS (1442 cc, 85 bhp)
  Hatchback 5-dr (wb: 2603 mm)



wb: 2520 mm 4 cyl. ohc
1118 cc
58 bhp (DIN)
4 cyl. ohc
1294 cc
67 bhp (DIN)
4 cyl. ohc
1442 cc
85 bhp (DIN)
5-door LS/GL GLS SX