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Suzuki 1979



The Hatch was succeeded in May 1979 by the SS30 Alto.
Fronte 7-S production ended in April.

In May 1979 the Fronte 7-S was replaced by the new SS30/SS40 Fronte. The Fronte Hatch 55 was also discontinued, from now on the commercial versions all used the Alto name. Alto also came to be the name used in export markets. SS30S was the two-stroke engined version of the Fronte (539 cc, three cylinders, 28 PS T5B) while the SS40S received a newly developed, 543 cc four-stroke three-cylinder 31 PS engine, the F5A. The Alto light commercials received the SS30V/SS40V designation, and considerably lower gearing since it was mainly intended for short distance inner-city use. Both the Alto and Fronte had a claimed top speed of 110 km/h (68 mph). The new Fronte was a big step away from the SS20, making the switch from a rear-engined, rear-wheel drive configuration to a more up-to-date transversely mounted engine in front, driving the front wheels. Wheelbase was increased from 2030 to 2150 mm and the new car was much more spacious. The four-door Fronte had an opening rear glass window, whereas the two-door Alto got a proper rear hatch. In some export markets the car was just known as the Suzuki SS40. In Europe, the Fronte is labelled Alto.







    3 cyl. 2 stroke
539 cm³
26 PS
3 cyl. 2 stroke
539 cm³
33 PS
4 cyl. ohc
797 cm³
SJ 10   -  
SJ 20   - -  


Metal doors available for both SJs. Longer pick-up version LJ 81 with 4-stroke engine.