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Suzuki 1974



May – Only a 35 PS engine now available for the Coupé, due to new emissions rules. Only GXF and GXCF versions remain.
In July the 37 hp Fronte LC20 GT engine was downgraded to 35 PS, while the 34 PS version was replaced by a 32 PS unit. The lowest powered 32 and 34 PS models had single Solex carburetors rather than the triple units used on more powerful models. Later on, the range was rationalized and the models renamed Standard, Deluxe, and Custom.
In May the emissions became cleaner to match the new (1975) emissions rules, but power was down to 26 PS. The basic "E" version was dropped. By December 1974 the car lost the "Fronte" badging, but retained the Fronte name in marketing material.






LJ 20

    2 cyl. 2 stroke
359 cm³
28 PS
LJ 20        


LJ 50