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Suzuki 1973

  wb: 2 cyl., 2 stroke
LS 20 Kombi 1995 mm Van


The Fronte Van LS20 was replaced in April 1973 by the strange-looking Fronte Hatch LS30. It used the 28 hp two-cylinder two-cycle water-cooled 359 cc L50 engine also seen in the Carry and Jimny and was of a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout. The Hatch was available in four equipment levels, ranging from the very basic "E" which lacked even a heater, via "B" and "D" to the range topping "T" version. Being more comfortable than the LS20 Van it replaced, the Hatch had headrests in both front seats and got the same dashboard as the "Sting Ray" Fronte but only with two gauges.
The "New Fronte" was replaced by the Fronte LC20 in July. The underpinnings remained largely the same, however, retaining the water-cooled engines and suspension from the LC10 with a 20 mm longer wheelbase (2030 mm). Overall dimensions, dictated by the kei-car regulations, remained 2995×1295 mm. The air-cooled engines were discontinued, but the engine code remained LC10W - with the "W" denoting water-cooling. The radiator is mounted up front. A big first for Suzuki was the availability of a four-door version. Between the two engines, two bodystyles and several different equipment levels, a confusingly large lineup was on offer: two-door GU, GD, GH, GC, GT, GT type II, and four-door FU, FD, FH, FC, FT.

Fronte 360

Fronte Hatch

Fronte Coupé


LJ 20

    2 cyl. 2 stroke
359 cm³
28 PS
LJ 20      


In November orange turn signals, front marker light and turn signal separated. 4-seater with spare tire mounted on hood (LJ20F) added.