Classic Car Catalogue

Suzuki 1972

Fronte 71 wb: 3 cyl., 2 stroke
356 cm³
25 KM (SAE)
3 cyl., 2 stroke
356 cm³
31 KM (SAE)
3 cyl., 2 stroke
356 cm³
34 KM (SAE)
3 cyl., 2 stroke
356 cm³
36 KM (SAE)
2 cyl., 2 stroke
LC 10 II Sedan 2010 mm -    
LS 10 Kombi 1995 mm Van - - -   – discontinued
LS 20 Kombi 1995 mm - - - - Van  
LJ 10   2 cyl. 2 stroke, 359 cm³, 27 PS     – discontinued
LJ 20   28 PS     – May


February – Coupé GXF, four-seater 2+2 added. "F" signifies four seats.
March – 34 PS less equipped 2+2 Coupé GXPF added.
June – 31 PS Coupé GAF version introduced (¥399,000). The GAF has painted bumpers and no spotlights in front, as well as chromed hubcaps rather than the sportier wheels of the better equipped models. Inside the center console was deleted, as were several gauges, and a more pedestrian two-spoke steering wheel replaced the original sportier looking three-spoked unit.
Top of the line Coupé GXCF also appears, equipped with front disc brakes, and a radial tire equipped GER.
October – Two-seater Coupé versions discontinued.
In March the Fronte Van received the two-cylinder, two-stroke water-cooled 28 hp L50 engine also used in the Suzuki Carry, becoming the LS20. A new grille gave away the changes underneath the skin, as did prominent "Water Cooled" badges on the rear. Aside from the engine, the most important change was that the rear lid was now once again a top-hinged single-piece unit. As before, Standard, DeLuxe, and Super DeLuxe versions were available.
In March water-cooled Fronte 72 GD-W (deLuxe) and GU-W (standard) were added. In export markets, there was the Suzuki Fronte 500 with the 475 cc LC50 engine, also marketed as the Suzuki LC50 (29 PS, 115 km/h).
In October the Fronte 72 was replaced by the "New Fronte" (with a new fascia and bonnet). By this time, only the Standard model ("U") retained the air-cooled engine, with an available automatic clutch. The top-of-the-line "GT-W Type II" came equipped with front disc brakes, as does its sister model the Fronte Coupé GXCF.
The LJ was updated in May and renamed the LJ20. The grille bars are changed from horizontal to vertical for the LJ20. The engine is replaced with an updated, water-cooled unit (the L50), and its 28 PS enables the LJ to reach 80 km/h (50 mph).



    2 cyl. 2 stroke
359 cm³
27 PS
2 cyl. 2 stroke
359 cm³
28 PS
LJ 10   - – discontinued in May
LJ 20   - – new in May


LJ20 has 359 cc water-cooled 2-stroke 2-cylinder 28 PS L50 engine, horizontal bars in grille. LJ20V hardtop version added.