Classic Car Catalogue

Suzuki 1967


Suzulight 360 (FE) – discontinued
Fronte 360 (FEA) – discontinued
Fronte 800
Fronte 360 (LC 10) – new model in March
Fronte 800


The Fronte 360 TLA and FE were discontinued in 1967.
The Fronte LC 10 has 1,960 mm (77.2 in) wheelbase, independent suspension with coil springs and the engine is an all new 356 cc three-cylinder air-cooled two-cycle unit. The transmission is a four-speed manual with synchromesh on the top three gears. In a break with Fronte's front-wheel drive traditions, the powertrain is placed transversely in the rear.

A new, additional factory in Iwata was opened in August 1967 to add supplementary capacity. 


Fronte 360 (LC 10)

Fronte 800 


Fronte SS – prototype

360 L 20V