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Suzuki 1963


Suzulight 360 (FE)
Fronte 360 (FEA)
Fronte 800 – prototype


In March 1963 the Suzulight series received an all new engine. Still an air-cooled, two-stroke two-cylinder, the FE was based on the FB which had been introduced in the Suzulight Carry FB in late 1961. With a 61.0 x 61.5 mm bore and stroke, for a total 359 cc (21.9 cu in) displacement, power and torque remained the same as for the TL. The biggest improvement was the introduction of Suzuki's patented "SELMIX" automatic lubrication system. This eliminated the need for pre-mixed gasoline, improving convenience, economy, and reliability. It was offered as a Standard (FEB, ¥345,000 - although this did not receive the SELMIX system) or DeLuxe (FE, ¥360,000), with yet another new grille design. The Fronte FEA cost ¥380,000. Soon thereafter the rear end was redesigned, becoming very square and van-like. This kept the appearance of the Suzulight Van quite modern, and sliding open rear windows made the rear a more comfortable place to be.

One of the Tokyo Show debutants in this class was the Suzulight Fronte 800 prototype. Suzuki Motor Industry, well known in the racing motor-cycle field, entered the car business with a 360c.c. two-stroke front-drive car more than 10 years back. The Fronte 800 is a low-slung, traction avant two-door saloon powered by a water-cooled, three cylinder, two-stroke 785c.c. engine. The gearbox is all-synchromesh four-speed.

Suzuki enter the field for the first time with an 800 c.c. three-cylinder, two-stroke Suzulight. Following an apparent trend with Japanese two-stroke engineers, it has a vacuumpowered oil pump which delivers oil from a separate oil tank in the induction port and is regulated by the amount of vacuum at the induction manifold. Suzuki also displayed a pretty G.T. Fronte 80C, which may go into production in 1964.
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Fronte 360




Fronte 800 at Tokyo Motor Show.