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Suzuki 1962


Suzulight Van 360 TL III  
Fronte TLA – new model in March




Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd., 300, Takatsuka, near Hamamatsu, Japan

Production up to 1500 per month by March 1962.
In March 1962, the TL-based Fronte TLA passenger car appeared. The name was meant to symbolize Suzuki's position at the front of Kei car development, as well as alluding to its FF layout. The Fronte received a different grille from its working sister as well as a reworked rear end, with a top-hinged trunk lid (later bottom-hinged) and roll-down rear windows. Softer springs and a more plush interior made it more comfortable. 

Suzuki Motors hitherto better known in the motor-cycle field, entered the car business with a 360 c.c. two-stroke rear-engined Coupé, known as the Suzulight, last year. This year it has been restyled; of equal importance, another and bigger prototype was exhibited, but no details of it could be wrung from any of the company's officials; it was protected by a large barrier which made it impossible to assess the technicalities. It is a four-door saloon and would appear to have a front engine, probably of around 1,000 c.c. capacity. From enquiries made, it seems that the company are anxious to compete in the larger class of vehicles and most probably this model will be starting production in time for next year's show. As Suzuki have specialized in two-stroke engines-and made them very powerful for motor-cycle racing-it will be interesting to see whether they have changed their allegiance to the four-stroke when further details of this newcomer are released.
(Tokyo report)


Suzulight Van 360 TL


TL III wb: 205 cm 2 cyl, 2 stroke
361 cm³
21 PS 




Suzulight Fronte


TLA   2 cyl. 2 stroke
360 cm³
25 PS


Suzulight Fronte 360


Fronte 360 at Tokyo Motor Show.


Suzulight 1000




1000 – prototype at Tokyo Motor Show