Classic Car Catalogue

Suzuki 1961


  2 cyl, 2 stroke
361 cm³
21 PS
Suzulight (TL)  



For 1961, the Suzulight TL II was presented. A new pressed steel grille in place of the TL's simple mesh and chrome rubbing strips on the bumpers enhanced its look, and there was also a second windshield wiper. The engine received some improvements such as larger bearings and the gear linkage was change from a cable operated one to a more precise mechanical linkage. The price dropped to ¥360,000.
The TL III, introduced in October 1961, continued this trend, dropping down to ¥345,000 while offering a new, fully synchronized four-speed transmission. The TL III also received an updated dash and turn signals integrated into a new grille and taillights instead of on the B-pillar. The sheet metal was changed to accommodate new doorhandles, but the biggest difference was at the rear, where there was a horizontally split two-piece tailgate. The TL III was marketed as the "Suzulight Van 360".