Classic Car Catalogue

Suzuki 1956


Suzulight SF
 2 cyl, 2 stroke, 359,66 cm³, 16 PS – discontinued
 2 cyl, 2 stroke, 361 cm³, 18 PS – new model

  In April the engine bore was increased to 59 mm (2.3 in), making for a 360.88 cc (22.0 cu in) displacement with the power increased to 18 bhp. Since the Suzulight's modern suspension is unable to cope with the bad Japanese roads the wishbones and coil springs are replaced with leaf springs on all corners. The SS sedan version was withdrawn.
In November Suzuki took advantage of the fact that Japanese tire manufacturers, who had hitherto not made any tires smaller than 16 inches, had begun making 14-inch tires. While the wheel wells remained rather large for a three-meter car, making for inefficient space utilization, the Suzulight's appearance became considerably more harmonious with smaller wheels.
Small-scale series production of the Suzulight began in October 1955, with 3-4 cars being built per month. By February 1956, however, monthly production had jumped to about 30 cars.