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Sunbeam 1972

Tiger - new model

Great Britain

There were two types of Tigers: Tiger I (March 1972) with two rectangular headlamps, a bonnet bulge and a bootlid aerofoil; and Tiger II (October 1972) with quad circular headlamps, no bonnet bulge, the same aerofoil (some cars did not have this) and more refined mechanical equipment. Recognisable by the striping along the flanks, the cast alloy wheels (Minilites on the first cars), and the aerofoil (which was for show, not for real aerodynamic improvement), these cars were powered by a much-modified 1498cc Avenger GT engine with re-worked cylinder head, higher compression ratio and twin dual-choke Webers. The suspension was lowered and stiffened, and a brake servo was standard. Rarely seen, the Stage Two version had an even more highly tuned engine and a competition clutch, giving a top speed claimed to be at least 110 mph. Very few of these cars were built (Chrysler needed to establish sporting homologation).

Fastback styling with an unusual combination of six side windows gives the Rapier Coupé a clear-cut character and its Holbay-tuned engine with two Weber carburetters delivers performance to match the appearance. Roomier than some of its competitors, it has a big luggage boot and very good all-round vision. With the Laycock de Normanville overdrive there is a choice of six speeds.
This Tiger has black stripes plus a matt black bonnet and a spoiler on the boot lid. Top-performing Avenger, it is developed from a "tomorrow" car produced purely for dealer display and only 450 buyers will be able to get this one. Twin carburetters, modified head and special manifold boost the power. Suspension is lowered and stiffened; wheels are light alloy.

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Sport and Stiletto

Sport (875 cc, 51 bhp)
Stiletto (875 cc, 51 bhp)



Alpine and Rapier

Alpine (1725 cc, 72 bhp)
Rapier (1725 cc, 79 bhp)
Rapier H120 (1725 cc, 105 bhp)


Rapier H120




Tiger Avenger (1498 cc) - March - October
Tiger Avenger II (1498 cc) - October

Tiger II