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Sunbeam 1971


Great Britain

£834 (incl. P.T.)
Chrysler's factory up at Linwood in Scotland turns out this special high-performance version of the rear-engined Imp for enthusiastic drivers. It's a rewarding car too, with extremely nippy performance from its twin-carburated light-alloy 875 c.c. engine, excellent handling, light steering and powerful servo-assisted drum brakes. The interior is luxuriously finished, with reclining front seats and simulated walnut facia and cappings. There is twin-headlamp treatment for the front end, and the useful opening rear window for easy shopping.
£902 incl. P.T.)
The Stiletto satisfies drivers who prefer the fastback look, and don't mind sacrificing the useful lift-up rear window of the saloon Imp. Mechanically it is like the Sport, using two Stromberg carburettors on the 875 c.c, engine to boost output to 51 b.h.p. But it weighs a little less and goes a little quicker. All the Imp derivatives have a superb little gearbox and precise steering, which add immensely to the pleasure of driving them. This one has a comprehensive standard of finish, with lots of equipment to keep a keen motorist happy.
£1,239 (incl. P.T.)
The previous Alpine was a two-seater sporting car, but this one is very much a refined fastback Coupé, with room for four and a good sized luggage boot. It shares the body of the Rapier, but the power plant is the ubiquitous 1725 c.c. engine in a lower state of tune, with single carb and an output of 74 b.h.p. That is good enough for 90 plus motoring combined with 30 miles to each gallon with a little care. The finish is (you almost say 'naturally' since it is the old Rootes firm) first-class, with the nice feature of fully disappearing side windows.
Rapier: £1,408 (incl. P.T.)
H120: £1,624 (incl. P.T.)
Top car in the Chrysler U.K. range is the H120 - a special high performance version of the Rapier which itself is no slouch. The elegant and well-finished Rapier uses the 1725 c.c. engine with twin carburettors and other mods to obtain an output of 88 b.h.p. and an extremely brisk performance. The H120 has a Holbay tuned version of the engine, which gives considerably more power and enables this particular four-seater to reach a speed of 108 m.p.h. You can spot it by the upswept spoiler on the boot lid, special wheels and paintwork.

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Sport and Stiletto

Sport (875 cc, 51 bhp)
Stiletto (875 cc, 51 bhp)



Alpine and Rapier

Alpine (1725 cc, 74 bhp)
Rapier (1725 cc, 88 bhp)
Rapier H120 (1725 cc, 105 bhp)