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Sunbeam 1967

Rapier Series V - discontinued
Alpine Series V
Tiger - discontinued
Tiger Series II - this year only
Imp Sport
Stiletto - October
Rapier - October

Great Britain

The fourth-largest car producer in England belongs to the Americans: in 1964 Chrysler dominated the Rootes Group nad now they took full control. Since the business of the English corporation of Hillman, Sunbeam, Singer and Humber has been unsatisfactory for a long time, the program has been drastically streamlined. It is now divided into three model series: the small Imp, the medium-sized Minx and derived versions and the Sunbeam Alpine sports cars. The small and the middle cars are sold in England depending on the version as Hillman, Singer and Sunbeam, while for export now they mostly Sunbeam only. However the Group seems to struggle with export.
3,759 Series V Rapiers were built.
The fastback Rapier was introduced in October. It is based on the Hillman Hunter using Rootes' 1725cc four cylinder engine with twin Stromberg 150CD carburettors and an alloy head. A choice of either a Borg-Warner automatic or a manual gearbox with Laycock de Normanville overdrive is available.
The Stiletto was launched. It is a combination of the Hillman Imp Californian coupé bodyshell to the Imp Sport engine a has a unique interior treatment, making it the most desirable Imp derivative.
Tiger Series 2 was produced only for few months. It has even bigger American Ford V-8 engine and revised rear suspension. Externally distinguishable by egg-crate grille.
Chrysler-Rootes offers various Hillman and Singer models as Sunbeam in certain overseas markets. Sunbeam Vogue is sold in continental Europe where the Singer name is not as well known. Sunbeam Arrow - Export variant of the Hillman Hunter. This model appears to have taken a variety of forms. For the US market, it initially appeared in 1967 as a rebadged Hillman Hunter.
Wprowadzono nową, silniejszą wersję Tigera, ale pod koniec roku 8 cylindrowe silniki zostały wycofane z oferty. Powstało 571 sztuk s.II.

Imp Sport and Stiletto

Imp Sport (875 cc, 51 bhp)
Stiletto (875 cc, 51 bhp) - new

Sunbeam Imp Sport



Series V (1725 cc, 85 bhp) - end


Alpine and Tiger

Alpine Series V (1725 cc, 93 bhp)
Tiger Series I (V8 cyl, 4260 cc, 136 bhp) - discontinued
Tiger Series II (V8 cyl, 4727 cc, 174 bhp) - this year only

Sunbeam Alpine

Sunbeam Tiger s.1

Tiger s.2


Rapier (1725 cc, 79 bhp)




Arrow (USA)

Swiss advert.