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Sunbeam 1956


Great Britain

Firma Sunbeam-Talbot Ltd z Rayton-on-Dunsmore koło Coventry oferuje obecnie dwa modele: zaprezentowany w 1948 roku 80/90, obecnie w wersji Mk III oraz nowy Rapier, będący luksusowym odpowiednikiem Hillmana Minx i Singera Gazelle. Wyposażony jest w silnik Minxa, ale o większej mocy. Do obu można zamówić urządzenie klimatyzacyjne, radio, obrotomierz i skrzynkę biegów z nadbiegiem Laycock de Normanville.

Rapier Series IA of September 1956 has 67 bhp 1390cc engine.

Compact sports saloon of traditional British type and for long popular with keen owner-drivers, the Mark III has interior furnishings of very good quality and a well-equipped instrument panel. Competition bred, it has many international successes to its credit, yet it behaves equally well as a docile family saloon with seats for four. The basic price has been reduced by £70. For the size of the car the engine-a 2 ½-litre four-is powerful and flexible, hence the lively performance.
One of the most interesting newcomers to last year's Show was the Sunbeam Rapier, which now bears the fruits of twelve months' development. The exhaust and inlet manifolds have been redesigned, new exhaust valves used and twin Zenith carburettors fitted, increasing power from 62 to 67.5 b.h.p. and, it is claimed, without any reduction in m.p.g. The price also remains unaltered. These modifications were originally tried out on the Rapiers which were first and second in their class in the last Mille Miglia, so they can be regarded as already well proven. The Rapier is one of the best-looking cars of its size on the British market, in line and in colour schemes, and its finish sets a very high standard. Wheelbase, 8ft. 0in., U.K. basic price: hardtop saloon, £695 (total, incl. P.T., £1,043 17s).

(London report)



Mk III (2267 cc, 81 bhp)



Series I (1390 cc, 63 bhp) - end
Series IA (1390 cc, 67 bhp) - new
 saloon 2-dr



3rd RMC   2,3l. Harper/Humphrey

F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:

  Mille Miglia 18-29.04.56 (round 3) Results:
#   chassis #   Entrant: gen. category class
254 Rapier   van Damm / Harper   72nd T/GT1.6 4th T1.6 1st
300 Rapier   Wisnewski / Bosmiller   88th T/GT1.6 5th T1.6 2nd

The Rootes team of Mk IIIs at the Stockholm start of the 1956 Monte Carlo Rally. Sheila van Damm and Ann Hall are beside the car. Rootes won the team prize.