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Sunbeam-Talbot 1940

Ten - ost.rok
2-Litre - ost.rok
3-Litre - ost.rok. 1266 were made.
4-Litre - ost.rok. 229 examples were built.

Great Britain

The Ten is an attractively styled four-seater with 9-8 HP 1185-cc engine and 7 ft 9 in wheelbase. It is a carry-over from 1939 and sold at £248. A Drophead Coupé variant is offered at £285.
The 2-Litre is a larger edition of the Ten, with the same styling, but 3 ½ -in longer wheelbase and 1944-cc 13.9 HP four-cylinder engine. 3- and 4-Litre models with six-cylinder power units are also offered.
All Sunbeam-Talbot production is suspended for the duration of the war. Rootes continue to build Minxes and Snipes for military use, but there is no need for sporting Sunbeam-Talbots.




Ten Saloon




2-Litre Saloon