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Sunbeam-Talbot 1939

2-Litre - nowy model
2-Litre - nowy model
4-Litre - nowy model

Great Britain

Sunbeam-Talbot Ltd (formerly Clement Talbot Ltd) Motor Works at Barlby Road, Ladbroke Grove, London W10, turned out Ten, 3-Litre and 4-Litre models.
The Ten Sports Tourer has a 9.8 HP 41-bhp 1185-cc four-cylinder side-valve engine (a tuned variant of the Hillman Minx), 7 ft 9 in wheelbase and 5.25-16 tyres.
The 2-Litre uses a stretched Sunbeam-Talbot 10 chassis with the 1944cc four cylinder sidevalve engine from the Hillman 14. It has hydraulic drum brakes. The engine produce 52bhp. Bodies offered are saloon, tourer and drophead Coupé.
3-Litre chassis, at £310. is similar to the 4-Litre but has 75-mm bore engine, giving 3181 cc, 20.9 HP. Both has 9 ft 10 in wheelbase and 6.25-16 tyre size. Standard saloons cost £455 and £415 respectively.
The 4-Litre uses the 4086cc sidevalve six from the Humber Super Snipe with an alloy head. This mean 100bhp at 3400rpm. Hydraulic brakes are fitted and it has independent front suspension by a transverse leaf spring. Rear suspension is by half elliptic leaf springs and a live axle. Body styles are saloon, sports saloon, tourer, touring saloon, touring limousine and drophead Coupé.
4-Litre chassis with Thrupp & Maberly coachwork is priced at £630 and has a 4086-cc (80 x 120 mm) six-cylinder engine, rated at 26.88 HP. The chassis only cost £350.



10 (4 cyl, 1185 cc, 41 bhp)
 Drophead Coupé

10 Saloon - April

10 Tourer - July



(4 cyl, 1944cc)



(6 cyl, 3181 cc)

3-Litre Saloon - January



(6 cyl, 4086 cc, 100 bhp)

4-Litre Thrupp & Maberly




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
17-25.01.1939 Rallye Monte Carlo     3 132 Lace   26th

No. 131 T. Abel Smith and E. Smith driving Sunbeam-Talbot from John o’ Groats finished 64th.