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Sunbeam 1935

Speed Twenty - ost.rok
Dawn - ost.rok
Twenty - ost.rok
Twenty-Five - ost.rok

Great Britain

Sunbeam offered 12-8 HP Four and 19-8, 20-9 and 23-8 HP Six models.

Around 575 Dawns were made.
About 98 of Speed Twenty were built.
Twenty received a 2762cc unit (rated at 20hp) and Zenith carburettor for 1935. Around 220 were made.
Twenty-Five production came to around 309.

STD Motors went into receivership in 1934. Talbot of London was the only healthy component of STD at this time. In January 1935, Clement-Talbot Ltd was sold to the Rootes Group. Despite Talbot being a profitable concern, Rootes set about phasing out the old Roesch-designed models and replacing them with Hillman- and Humber-based Talbots. This horrified enthusiasts, but the Roesch cars did not fit in with Rootes' plans of being a mass producer.
With Talbot of London sold off, the Receivers had to find buyers for the rest of STD. A deal was struck with William Lyons of SS Cars to buy Sunbeam in 1935. Lyons needed a new name for his cars because of the Nazi connotations of SS. By purchasing Sunbeam he would be acquiring instant heritage and prestige.

Włączenie wraz z Talbotem w skład koncernu Rootes.




Sunbeam Twenty-Five (23.8 HP) Limousine, acquired by HRH The Duke of Gloucester in March 1935. It had a 3317.5-cc (80x100 mm) OHV six-cylinder engine and 11 ft 4 in wheelbase. SWB Twenty-Fives (10 ft 10 in) were easily distinguishable by not having the headlamp tie bar in front of the radiator.




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
19-27.01.1935 Rallye Monte Carlo 1 ? 0 7 J. Fullerton 20