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Subaru 1978



In March 1978 the Swingback version was added to the Rex range, a two-door sedan with a larger, opening rear window.

SUBARU 1600 COUPE From £2,995
Relative newcomer to the British market, the Subaru is from Japan and is a car of modest dimensions powered by a comparatively large engine. The engine is an interesting unit, being a light-alloy horizontally-opposed four-cylinder of 1.6 litres, and performance is eager. All Subaru saloons and coupés have front-wheel drive, the 1600 Coupé having a 67 bhp (SAE) motor and four-speed gearbox. The 1600 GFT uses a similar body but has 77 bhp and a five-speed gearbox. There is also a 1600 four-door Subaru with four-speed manual gearbox, or optional automatic. There are also two estates, one with four wheel drive.