Classic Car Catalogue

Subaru 1971

360 – discontinued  
450 – discontinued  
FF-1 Star – discontinued  
FF-1 1100/1300 – new model in July  
Leone – new model in October  


The Subaru FF-1 1300G (also known as the 1100 and 1300) was introduced in Japan in July, replacing the FF-1 Star. It has a front wheel drive with a EA61 or EA62 flat-4 engine, fully independent torsion bar suspension and rack and pinion steering, inboard front drum brakes and dual radiators.
In October the Subaru 1300G was displayed next to a station wagon installed with 4WD, parked on top of a mirror so that visitors to the 18th Tokyo Motor Show could see the new drivetrain system. The station wagon also has a 20 mm (0.79 in) increased ground clearance over the standard model.
In October the R-2 was upgraded to a two-stroke water-cooled EK34 engine. A styling upgrade was accomplished on the water-cooled R-2, adding a faux grille to the front of the vehicle.
The Leone was released on October 7 as a front-wheel drive coupé, with trim levels DL, GL and GSR.


360 and 450

wb: 180 cm 2 cyl.
356 cm³
25 hp (SAE)
sedan 360      
van 360      




wb: 192 cm 2 cyl.
356 cm³
30 hp (SAE)
2 cyl.
356 cm³
32 hp (SAE)
sedan R-2 R-2 GL R-2 SS


R-2 GL



B4 cyl.
1088 cm³
62 hp
sedan 2-dr 242 std
sedan 4-dr 242 std
van 245 std



1300 G

B4 cyl.
1267 cm³
93 hp
sedan 2-dr 242 1300 G
sedan 4-dr 242 1300 G
van 245 1300 G