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Steyr 1957

2000 / 2300
500 - new model


Podukowane u Steyera Fiaty 500 wyposażane są w austiackie silniki typu boxer. W związku z tym mają inne pokrywy silnika. W pierwszym roku produkcji powstało 1087 egzemplarzy.
A NEW model, the Steyr 2300 Sport, was recently announced in Vienna by Steyr-Daimler-Puch A.G. Still based on the Fiat 1900, and outwardly very similar to it, the Steyr 2300 Sport uses a bored-out version of the well-proven four-cylinder o.h.v. Steyr engine of just under two litres. Bore and stroke of the new engine is 90 by 88 mm., giving a swept volume of 2,240 c.c., and maximum power (96 b.h.p. gross/SAE) is developed at 4,300 r.p.m. The new model uses the gearbox of the Fiat 1400 Diesel which can easily transmit the greater torque (as compared with the normal Fiat 1400 gearbox) and gives far better performance figures than cars equipped with the five-speed gearbox, plus fluid clutch, as used on the original Fiat 1900 as well as the Steyr 2000 de luxe.
The Steyr 2000 Standard (1,991 c.c., 86 b.h.p., normal gearbox) and Steyr 2000 de luxe (same engine, but fluid clutch and five-speed gearbox) continue unchanged.
The long-awaited Steyr-Puch minicar will be similar to the Fiat 500, but will use an air-cooled Steyr engine of 500 c.c. This power unit (a flat-twin o.h.v.) has been designed by Mr. Ledwinka, jnr., son of the famous Tatra engineer of pre-war years, who is now in exile in Germany and Austria.

The Autocar, July '57


2000 and 2300 Sport

2000 (R4 cyl, 1997 ccm, 70 PS)
  Grand Vue
2300 (R4 cyl, 2240 ccm, 95 PS) - new model


500 (B2 cyl, 493 ccm, 16 PS) - new model

Linia produkcyjna licencyjnego Steyera 500.


1200 Granluce - new model