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Standard 1956

Vanguard Phase II - ost rok.
Vanguard III
Vanguard Sportsman - nowy model

Great Britain

Od marca podstawowa wersja Ten nazywa się Family. Do "Dziesiątki" można też zamówić półautomatyczną skrzynię biegów "Standrive". Samochody tej serii mają wreszcie opuszczane szyby boczne.
W październiku oferta Vanguarda III została rozszerzona o kombi Estate Car i Sportsman z nadwoziem w stylu "Sports Saloon". Ma on zmieniony wlot powietrza i dwukolorowe lakierowanie. Standardowe wyposażenie stanowi skrzynia biegów "overdrive". Silnik pochodzi prosto z Triumpha TR2.
Zakończyła się produkcja Vanguarda Phase II. Od modernizacji w 1952 roku powstało 81.074 szt.
London reportOctober 1956
The little Eight remains virtually unchanged and is available in both Family and Super versions. Both cars are full four-seaters, with reasonable luggage space. The Super version is distinguishable from the Family Eight by the chromium plated grille bar across the front, and it possesses such refinements as a trip reCorder in the speedometer, a heater and interior appointments of higher quality.
Towards the end of last month, an important change was announced by the Standard Motor Company in the introduction of two-pedal control for Standard Ten models. The removal of the clutch pedal has been made possible by the fitting of the Standrive method of clutch operation, in which the drive engagement is controlled by a sensitive switch housed in the top of the gear lever. When the switch is closed, as when the lever is being moved from one gear to another, a solenoid opens a valve, admitting engine vacuum to the servo cylinder and disengaging the clutch. While the offer of two pedal control for a small car is not unique, Standard are the first to make it part of the basic specification. Approximately £20 has been added to the total cost of the Standard Ten, and the production range is normally equipped with the Standrive, unless three-pedal control is particularly requested, in which case the additional charge is not made. In other respects, the Standard Ten remains unaltered, and is available in three versions: the Family Ten, which is a competitively priced car in which fittings and accessories are limited to the minimum basic requirements; the Super Ten, in which a higher standard of equipment is provided at a cost of about £45 more than the basic model; and the Companion four-door estate car, which costs a further £40. Wheelbase, 7ft 0in., U.K. basic price: Family saloon, £385 (total incl. P.T. £558 17s); Companion Family estate car, £460 (total, £691 7s).
Truly an all-rounder, the Phase III Vanguard combines a good performance, pleasant looks and a well-lit, roomy interior in a robust and long-lasting car. The four-cylinder, 2,088 c.c. engine has proved itself over the years as a unit with extremely long life and fair economy. It is much more accessible in the Phase III cars which were introduced last year than formerly, and the luggage space is ample for normal purposes. Adoption, later, of automatic transmission has been foreshadowed.
Standard Super Ten was introduced in the autumn of 1955. It is a better equipped version of the basic Ten. A Super Eight and a Family Ten were also introduced early in 1956.
Standard Ten Companion is based on the Super Ten. This estate car variant have four side doors and double rear doors. The front seats are separately adjustable, while the rear bench seat could be folded forward to give a flat load carrying space. Maximum carrying capacity is 448 Ib.
Standard Vanguard Phase III Saloon. Entirely new except for engine and gearbox this four-light model feature a lower, longer and lighter body which is integral with the chassis, a curved single-piece windscreen and wrapround rear window. The 2088-cc engine produce 68 bhp. The Estate wersion was launched in October.
Sportsman has Triumph TR3 spec engine, anti roll bar and better brakes, 90 bhp and 95 mph top speed. A traditional grille with MG similarities is fitted, together with two tone paint and extra chrome.

Eight and Ten

wb: 7 ft. 0 in.
( 2130 mm)
4 cyl. ohv
803 cm³
28 bhp
4 cyl. ohv
948 cm³
33 bhp
Saloon Family Eight -
Saloon Super Eight -
Saloon - Family Ten
Saloon - Super Ten
Estate - Ten Companion

12 page brochure.
Standard 10 Dormobile by Martin Walter.

Vanguard III

(2088 cm³, 68 KM)
 Estate - new model in October

Standard Vanguard III Saloon
Vanguard III Estate
Vanguard Estate Car
Vanguard Estate Car

Vanguard Phase II

(2088 cm³, 68 KM)

Standard Vanguard Phase 2

Vanguard Sportsman

(2088 cm³, 90 KM)

Vanguard Sportsman
Standard Vanguard Sportsman