Classic Car Catalogue

Standard 1937

Flying Light Twelve
Flying Fourteen - nowy model
Flying Sixteen - discontinued
Flying Twenty
V-Eight - new

Great Britain

The squarer earlier models were discontinued in favour of the Flying models which are as for 1936 but DHC versions are also available. Additionally, the Flying Sixteen was replaced by the Flying Fourteen with 4 cylinder 1776cc engine which has the 12hp available as an option and the Flying Twenty six cylinder model could be had with the 16hp engine as an option. The V8 could be had in Coupé form as well as saloon.
Avons continued as before as do SS and Jaguar. Raymond Mays produced touring and Coupé versions of his Raymond Mays Special based ont he V8 20hp chassis. Late in 1937, Avon ceased production in anything like volume form.
Flying V8 Saloon was unveiled at 1936 Olympia Motor Show with a price tag of Ł349. The production is very limited. The 20 HP 2686-cc (63.5 x 106 mm) side-valve power unit is based on two 10 HP cylinder blocks. It is claimed it could attain 82 mph. A Drophead Coupé variant is offered at Ł359. Wheelbase is 8 ft 6 in.

Flying Nine

9 (4 cyl, 1131 cc,)( wb: 7' 1'')


Flying Ten

10 (4 cyl, 1267 cc, 33 bhp)(wb: 7' 6'')


Flying Twelve

Light 12 ()
  Drophead Coupé
12 (4 cyl, 1608 cc, 44 bhp)(wb: 8' 4'')

Flying 12 Avon

Flying Fourteen

14 (4 cyl, 1776 cc, 44 bhp)(wb: 9' 0'') - new


Flying Sixteen

16 ()


Flying Twenty

20 (6 cyl. 65 bhp)

6 page brochure.

Flying V-8

V-8 (V8 cyl, 2686 cc, 75 bhp)(wb: 8' 6'')



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
26-30.01.1937 Rallye Monte Carlo     0 84 Vaughan / Nash   acc.

No. 84, Morna Lloyd Vaughan and Charlotte Nash.